Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Trip: Architecture Etc.

I love to take pictures of buildings, of interesting architecture, or just things that I like in that area. Here are a few from our trip...
This is the court house in downtown Lexington, where there is still a cannon ball from the Civil War stuck at the top of that pillar. Missouri was chocked full of history and we can't wait to take the boys back and tour things like Daniel Boone's house and the Battle of Lexington site.
A church somewhere on a back road. I loved the red door and the Gothic windows. And of course all the white.
I think one of the things we found most surprising is how many houses and barns and church's are that "farmhouse white." And how many where still in great condition and well kept. In Iowa and North Eastern Missouri I rarely saw a red barn (the Arkansas standard.) Instead all the barns and houses were bright white and many had shiny metal roofs. It was just beautiful, all that white against the blue sky and the wheat colored fields of dried corn and soy beans. I know I am an odd ball, but I found it all to be so refreshing and calming, all that clean crisp whiteness.
This is the Motel 60 in Centerville, Iowa. The sign is cute and that is about all that was remotely charming. This is where the city chamber put up the band for the night. I guess traveling musicians have less than stellar reputations, because to say that this place was a dive is an understatement. And I am being kind. But it was free and we were tired. And we had our own sheets and pillows....
I just loved these red steps. And the no loitering sign. It's funny to me that such a small town would be so concerned with loitering. Must be a big problem there, all that loitering...
This is the boardwalk in downtown Arrow Rock. One of the most charming places we visited, and perhaps the best sleep of our trip. 12 hours in a snugly tent at Arrow Rock state park during a rain storm. We stayed perfectly dry and slept perfectly wonderfully. The next day we were greeted with cool weather and a lovely downtown with the best general store....
This is somewhere in the middle of Missouri, I can't remember where exactly. But it is an old Catholic church that has been turned into a winery. They were officially closed that day (Monday) but they forgot to lock the door, and Nathan found them knee deep in grape pressing. The owner was a character and happily gave us a private sampling of their 4 wines.
This is in downtown Centerville. I probably took the most pictures here, because it is the longest we ever stayed put in one place. I was never sure what this building was used for, but I loved that they cared enough to restore it a bit and give it some character.


  1. You like white! Wow what a shocker!
    Sorry about the dump, but it will make a great tale to tell.


  2. Great pictures. I love buildings in pictures. Something about old buildings.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Fabulous photos, my fav is the red steps!!! Just scrumptous :)

  4. Hello Jerusalem...I am so happy you enjoyed Missouri! Come again, there is lots to see, here! Now you know how J and I find plenty to do on all our day trips!

    I'll have to see about finding the winery in the old Catholic church, sounds interesting.


  5. The sign on the steps is too much!


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