Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Day

Fall is here - finally!!!! - and to celebrate we went on the annual Pumpkin Patch/Hay Ride excursion with some pals...
Here are a few pics of my boys (especially for Jemimah and Judea...)

For more Pumpkin Patch pics click here


  1. Adorable!! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Vicki8:34 PM

    What classically perfect little boys you have. Just adorable. Hollyhocks

  3. I just posted my pumpkin patch photos too. I hope you're feeling better. Love all the shots from the store.

  4. you guys look like you had a great time. we may have to head out there tomorrow or next weekend with the kids.
    i cant wait to show you all the yummy linens i got at savers. see you tues.

  5. aww thanks for the update. i was just about to ask you for some new ones of the boys. i love how all the men and even some of the boys have on razorback stuff. so arkansas!

  6. hehe, how cute! They both look ten feet taller and wiser than just 5 months ago!
    I'm coming home this thursday-sunday
    so hopefully I will get to see you all in real life! :)

  7. Such precious boys. Love em mucho!



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