Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Prize Movie

Well we did it, Sunday after church and some napping, we battled long and hard and finally we reclaimed our house and got it into fairly presentable shape! Nathan tackled our room,I tackled my Studio and the dining room, and the boys worked on their room and their things in the living room. By Sunday night we could see the both the floor of our room and the top of the dining room table. It was a truly rewarding moment for our little family. Between work, travel and illness our home was sadly neglected and we were all feeling the effects of a messy house.

One of the biggest things that we did was take down the bed in my Studio and move an extra table to act as my craft table until we decide which table/desk we want where for sure... For some reason we have ended up with about 3 kitchen tables and we are shuffling them around trying to decide which one fits best where. Also I am trying to decide if I want my craft table to be counter height or stay table height... But that is neither here nor there right now - the big news is that now my studio is truly that - my studio. Not a guest room, not a family office, but my studio and it feels sooo good (and it will feel even better once it is pink I am sure!)

Last night I had to cut about a million circles out for Christmas banners and a custom order, and I really wanted something new and fun to watch... While at Wal-Mart picking up grosgrain ribbon, printer ink and milk (that is what is great about Wal-Mart right there... despite all the things that are bad, that fact alone is wonderful...) I found this movie which I have been wanting to see forever. And it was a grand total of $3.98 - almost cheaper than I could rent it for. Nathan loaded it onto my computer and I watched while I cut and glittered the night away in my newly re-arranged Studio... And when I was done - miracle of miracles -the dining room table was still clean! I am pretty sure I heard the Hallelujah chorus being sung...
But back to this Prize of a Movie. Somehow I completely missed this movie when it premiered, and I just read the book last year. I guess I was living under a rock or something. But this true story about Evelyn Ryan is wonderfully written by her daughter and the movie does it justice - which is hard for any book turned-movie to do as we are all aware of.

This movie is for any Mom who has used her creative talents to add to the family income however she could; for any Mom who has wondered how she was going to afford even something as basic as milk, and for any Mom who has given up adventures of her own so that her kids could be safe and fly out on their own...
And for anyone who thought they were alone in their ambitions and passions, only to find a group of friends meant just for them, and lastly for everyone who believes that it is worth it to hope against hope no matter what the odds.
(Can you tell I was a little teary by the end?)

Of course knowing me, you know that the 1940-1950's setting didn't hurt any either... Julianne Moore's character has great style despite her circumstances, and I loved seeing all the aprons and fashions, right down to great shoes. Apparently Evelyn Ryan LOVED the color pink and Julianne actually wears some of her real dresses in the movie. I also loved the house all those colors... those wonderful faded colors....Look at the trim in the kitchen - fabulous! Even the high chair was adorable... There was great attention to period detail, which you know I ate up with a big ole wooden spoon. If you get a chance to watch it with the commentary on by Ms. Moore please do - it is worth it to learn all the bits about the characters and how intentional everything was, right down to the lighting of the pink jello...

So if you haven't seen it, and you are in need of a new flick to put into your rotation I would recommend The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. It is worth a lot more than $3.98 in my humble opinion...


  1. Yay for you reclaiming your house and some space just for you.

    That is so funny about that movie. I just recorded it on dvr. I had never heard of it before but it called to me. Now I'm going to watch it hopefully tomorrow, and if I love it as much as you do (and I'm sure I will) then I'm headed to Walmart!

  2. Love that MOVIE. Love it.

  3. Honestly, I haven't even heard of this book or movie. But you've sold me on it so I'll be checking it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Yeah for getting your house in order!

    Have a great day

  4. This sounds like a movie, I would enjoy, very much.

    I've made things to sell through the years. Imagine long grapevines strewn through the house, paint seemingly embedded forever in my nails, and little burns from the glues gun, etc etc etc. The other day, I ran across some earrings, I made over 20 years ago. I don't do those things, these day. Well, I do craft, but for myself or gifts, not selling, now.

    I'm going to check out this movie and I will look for the book. Thanks!!
    PS: I'm celebrating my 100th post, with a giveaway!

  5. We went on strike against the video store almost 2 years ago (long story) and now just get dvd's from the library and see many movies I normaly wouldn't. The Prize Winner was one of them. LOVED IT. Talk about a woman who looks at the positive.
    After my next big craft show, the reclaiming is happening to my house. love your blog!

  6. That is a good feeling to get everything back in order.'
    I loved that movie!!
    Leaving tomorrow for my daughter's wedding.
    Talk with you soon,

  7. Hello girl. I am guessing that the custom banner job was mine. Well I like it too much. I just posted it on my little blog. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to do some reclaiming of my own soon -you should see this place. And we don't have kids. By the way I love how you call yourself mudder. My MIL loved when my DH called her that and always reminds him of it. He addresses her Xmas gifts to Mudder. I am going to check our this flick too.

  8. Ooh, I'm excited. I LOVE movies like this, espc. the ones in the 40's. I'm a romantic junkie that way. The chalk board is at Hobby Lobby, right next to the cork boards. 12.99, I couldnt believe it! That store never ceases to amaze me. I didnt get those red checked curtains, btw, they were close outs at JC Penney and they took them off the website the next day. Back to the drawing board I guess. :)

  9. This movie really inspired me, too! Even with adverse circumstances, her creativity blazed a trail. And oh the vintage eye-candy!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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