Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

Thanks for all the love and support you have given me and Nathan.
Thanks for being the BEST Obi to my boys.

Thanks for always being game for all the crazy things we do - Pirate costumes and all.
Thanks for never telling me I shouldn't follow my dreams, and for thinking that I am smart.

If I could give you anything in the world I would you give winning seasons- championships even - for the Hogs, Cowboys and Yanks.
I would you give you a complete set of 1st Editions of all the Nero Wolf books,
a writing contract with Myrrh or Maranatha or Vineyard,
and I would give Mom a live-in housekeeper so the she would be always be happy, which always makes you happy.
Plus you would rule supreme over Fantasy Leagues, and none of your children or extended family, or friends, or local newscast persons would use poor grammar or syntax ever again, and your food would always be piping (and what I mean by that is scalding) hot. Even at fast food joints.

But instead of all that you are going to get this. Which Nathan swears is almost as good as all that other stuff combined...
Plus you get a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses from the boys - and me too of course!

I love you Daddy! Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Well, you did the impossible -- rendered me speechless. It's taken me 30 minutes just to compose this reply. Your husband was right, this is the perfect birthday present, and elevates my birthday to "a whole 'nuther level!"

    Now the math for all the curious: I've had 57 birthdays, so how old am I? 56, of course.

    Thanks, Jerusalem, I love you mucho!


  2. Yes, thank goodness it was drama free! Now, if Tessa could just skip those troublesome "3"'s and move right to 4, we'd be in good shape! HA!

    So sweet what your dad wrote about you and Nate... :-)

    See you Thursday!
    Much luv - Tricia :-)

  3. Happy birthday to your dad, Jerusalem!


  4. Happy Birthday to your dad!!
    He looks like a great guy,

  5. He is a great guy and he loves his kids mucho, mucho!


  6. I usually don't comment, but I read your blog all the time. I didn't realize you were in AR - I'm up here in Fayetteville. If you can figure out how to give your Daddy a Hog Championship, my DH would be forever grateful. His season tickets have been a big waste of $$ this year.

  7. Oh, wow, Jeru, I completely overlooked all the hyperlinks when I first read the blog. I just discovered the great book about SEC football -- thanks! I thought you were talking about your lovely essay being my present -- MORE than enough, and absolutely priceless!

    love dad


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