Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Dreamin'

Last year I had a client whose home I decorated for Christmas who had just built a room onto their house that looks a like this. It was a combo mudroom/wrapping room/ laundry room. It was fairly large, and had a great center island like this, and each family member had their own cabinet where they could hang their backpacks, and jackets and soccer shoes. This was a room, where everything had a place, and everything was in it's place. To say that I was a tad jealous is an understatement. A huge one.
I am not usually envious of BIGGER or NEWER or MORE EXPENSIVE houses that I come across -whether they are the homes of my friends or my clients. But my clients all purpose room took the cake, and made me drool... So when I saw this room in the new Pottery Barn catalog I got to thinking again about craft rooms/studios and about my ongoing space problem in my office/studio.
Now, I am not complaining overall. I think our house is just the right size for us - and even though there are some remodeling projects we need to tackle (the kitchen, the additional bath, the back porch...) overall the house is perfect for us. Not too big, not to small... Just right. BUT it might not really be big enough for our life and my work... At least that is how it has begun to feel lately, as my Office/Studio/Inventory Room has taken on a life of it's own; a very messy, barely organized, & frustrating Life of It's Own. Which has made working in it very demoralizing and scattered.
All this set me to thinking about how I can change things to where my work room functions as a Creative Place, an Inspiring Place and as an Office Place (complete with filing cabinets and bills to be paid...) instead of the maddening Pile of Stuff Room that it is now all at the same time, without them overflowing into the other parts of my house constantly.
I think the first thing that will have to happen is that we are going to have to give up all hope of the Studio functioning even a little as a guest room. This means that when we get around to buying a much needed new couch, it will need to be a sleeper sofa, so that on the (sadly) rare occasion that someone stays over we have a place for them to lay their weary heads.

The next thing that became clear as I searched the Internet for inspiration, is that the walls need to be pink. I mean, they REALLY need to be pink. I feel it in my bones. I need pink to think. End of story. Soft pink, has a soothing affect on me and I can't think of anything I need more these days in my work space than Soothing. When I found this picture on Flickr, I knew I had hit on it, the perfect Storia Studio color...

The next element that will be essential is a crafting area. Right now I do most of my crafting in the dining room because I can spread out, and I can see the TV. Both key elements in my artistic process... But again, work is invading my home life, and I would really love to be able to decorate my table seasonally again, and I don't mean with piles of banners... Currently in my office I have a huge table that acts as my desk, but with some great big wheels added, it would be a wonderful work table for sewing or glittering or whatever I wanted! Once we move the bed there will be plenty of room for this sort of extravagance.... And we will simply find some other piece to work as my desk. Another table perhaps... ? Or maybe an old desk will find it's way to me... Oh, and don't forget a TV/DVD combo. I will need to be able to watch certain movies when short on inspiration or when I am just in need of a little company...

Finally I will need a pegboard or cork board (or both) wall area for creative inspiration and organization as I work on projects for clients, the web and the shoppes...I am very visual and I would love to be able to set up little vignettes and groupings where I could work out ideas and thoughts for new products and creations (I love this Anthropologie window, it is so perfect and dreamy don't you think?)
So to anyone who may be trying to think of what they can get me for Christmas: Think Pink Walls and Big Wheels! I promise you won't regret it...


  1. My disaster, ahem sewing, room used to be pink. Now I wonder if it was a mistake to make it yellow! LOL

  2. i love the second picture. just be thankful you have a room. i am envious of your room even if its chaos. lol.

  3. I DREAM of a room like this. We are hoping to build a new home soon and these photos match exactly what I have pictured in my mind. Mine will absolutely be pink as well--as the only girl in my house, THIS will be my girlie, frou-frou room!

    The construction workers that painted my shop painted the office GRAY! Just poured all the left over paints together and sprayed it down. It's like a dismal cave! Men!

    Martha usually has a lot of inspirational craftroom photos as well.

  4. I think every girl needs a creative space for her very own.
    I didn't have one until my daughter went to college. I love my space. Sounds like some great plans in the works.

  5. People with organized and decorated studios/offices/libraries amaze me. These are gorgeous pictures though, makes me start thinking about my office. I think pink would be beautiful. Besides, I think it's a right of every woman who has a family full of boys. You deserve at least one pink room! :)

  6. That last picture made my heart beat faster. I *heart* it!

  7. My wish for you, a room to call your own. In pink.

  8. Oohhh to have a room all organized and pretty like one of these!! I might actually get more accomplished!! Feeling your 'pain' sista!! These photos are all soo inspirational!
    I hope you have a very PINK Christmas!! :D

  9. Alicia6:01 PM

    Where is the photo of the peg board room from? I love it! I'm obsessed with peg board right now.

  10. great rooms! even though I have my own craft room, I am always looking for ways to make it better. I would love to start over, but I have a feeling my husband would throw a fit. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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