Thursday, October 25, 2007

Burried Under Inspiration

This is the start of my Christmas inspiration board. Notice Kate Winslet at the bottom - that is the Keeping it Real portion - the busy mom, reading scripts at a table covered with bottles and empty cereal bowls... I like the contrast between the dreamy and the everyday. That is what makes life beautiful to me.
I will be buried under big projects from now until next week, but I think (cross my fingers) that I have found a better pace... this new Studio arrangement has been my saving grace. And re- learning (again, and again) that too much Worry & Hurry does no one any good. Especially me.

I am officially turning on the Christmas tunes, popping in some Christmas movies and plugging away until we unveil A Very Merry Vintage Holiday (Storia style) at the Shoppes next Thursday night... I may or may not be around too much between now and then, but who knows. I am never great at predicting that.

For now if you want to get a jump start on your holiday decor you can pre-order Merry Christmas banners here... (I will be adding banners with other words in November) or if you are banner addicted you can check out my new Banner of the Month club - which is sort of an experiment ...

Happy Thursday to everyone!


  1. Love your inspiration board. I always love to see what's inspiring people. As soon as Halloween is over I'm gearing up for Christmas too, I just got some new cd's from the library and I'm looking forward to listening to them.

  2. We found your blog from Today's Creative Blog and we are so glad we did.....FABULOUS stuff! We will be back!

    Have a blessed day!

    kari and kijsa


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