Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In the Wee Small Hours

Last night I couldn't sleep. Too much going on in my brain and my life. Nathan has a cold and so was snoring like a leaf blower (sorry honey) and Miles decided this would be a good night to get in bed with us and plant his feet firmly in my face. No thank you!
So finally around 3:30 I gave up and got up. And mind you I had only been asleep since about 1:30... But when you can't sleep, you can't sleep. First I tried working on a web site job I have going, but even though I couldn't sleep, I had "fuzz brain" and I think I only messed things up a little instead of making them better. It's all fixable, but I got the hint pretty quick that I did NOT need to be working on the computer. So then what to do? Well, I decided to roll my lace bundled for Storia VINTAGE. Even though I don't intend to list these till next week, I wanted to get a head start on them, and they didn't require too much of a functioning brain to do.

So I turned some On Demand on the cable box, watched a few episodes of Saving Grace and rolled lace. Eventually Miles found me in the living room (around 5AM) and we wound up back in bed again around 6AM to sleep pretty soundly for a least 2 more hours. Now I am gulping coffee and feeling like I did back in college when we would pull all nighters for a test or a Theatre production... Oh the good old days. I only thought I knew Stress and Busy and Responsibilities... I didn't know how good I had it...

Anyway the lace bundles are wrapped around pages from an old book. I wanted to do something a little different and this idea came to me last night. There are lots of lengths and styles and some color variations, though most of them are white or cream. There are also some really large pieces that I have yet to take pictures of. But as I said I am not listing them till next week because Nathan and I are going on vacation and are leaving tomorrow after work. We are going to be Road Tripping through Missouri, a little bit of Iowa and Kansas for 5 days. With no kids! We are going to try and hit blog/shopping highlights like Curious Sofa and do some camping along the way, as well as going through the Wine Road in Missouri...
Katie, Pat and Carol have all given me great tips so far on where we should go and what to do, but if you have someplace you think I MUST visit please let me know! I love to have the inside scoop when we travel!


  1. what a great idea to package your lace! you are too creative :)

    have a really great time on your vacation ~ give all your boys a hug for me!

  2. how fun! I hope you both have a wonderful time. I know you'll be on the other side of the state, but Ste. Genevieve is one of my absolute favorite places in Missouri. (I hope to stop off there myself as I am leaving for St. Louis for 10 days on the 5th)

  3. I just love your blog, J-roo!


  4. Love the lace bundles. Good ideas come in the middle of the night.
    Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy!
    p.s. take a nap today.

  5. dang it you always take the good ideas.

  6. I love your idea of wrapping the ribbons around a old book's pages.
    Wow, you have great ideas with no sleep. I can barely come up with ideas with 8 hours of blissful sleeping.
    :) Bren

  7. Can't help you on the trip, but oh how much sweeter you've made that lace just by wrapping it around those book pages. I think sheet music would also be wonderful for that!


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