Friday, September 14, 2007

Goodies for Friday

The boys and I hit an Estate sale and a Garage Sale this morning on the way to the Post Office....

Here are a few of our finds....

A big ole box of beautiful vintage lace that I got for a steal... This isn't even all of it! It was just all I could fit on our patio table! I was so giddy when I found it I did a little jig.

3 precious feather pillows. I was so glad I found the one top the most, though VERY jealous that a lady who walked in only moments before me found 3 others just like it before I did... I only pouted a little...

Here is a a box full of vintage wallpaper that I plan to cut up and sell at Storia HOME. Look at these funny things... I suddenly have a liking for vintage metal tool/tackle/safe boxes. I think I am going to bring them all out next Father's Day at the Shoppe.

And finally, take a gander at my fab pink pull cart I found for only $10! I am in love with her so much, and she has made my life so much easier... Since we live in a an old house we do not have a garage we park in a gravel driveway that does not have easy -or covered- access to the house. The door closest to the driveway, on the side of the house, has half a dozen old wooden steps that are crumbling beneath our feet. The official "back door" is through the gate, up the little stone walkway and through our back patio. I have always hated trying to get everything I needed out of the car because of how inconvenient it is and how many trips I have to make either up the steps or through the yard. But now with Lady Louisa (that is her name I do not know why) I can haul a whole mess of thrift finds, backpacks, lunch boxes, and groceries so very easily! Oh happy day!

Now I am worn out. It has been a busy busy week with lots going on including my official membership to Women Take Wing! I am pretty excited to say the least... Check out my bio page here.


  1. Ok.. seriously I'm super envious of you and your super fabulous finds. Why can't they have good stuff like that at my yard sales! Hope you will sell some of that wall paper in your etsy shop!

  2. Can't believe you made such a haul.
    I am jealous, but thankful that least I get to view them.


  3. Oh my goodness! You found some wonderful things! I particularly covet the box of vintage laces!

    (P.S. So glad to have you join us at Women Take Wing!)

  4. I like your little metal tool boxes. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with old luggage. Those old, hard sided suitcases, you know? Turns out my grandmother had one that my grandfather had carried, and she gave it to me! It's so cool, and I have it set up with a neat candle display on top. Your boxes remind me of that.

  5. Great finds! You were on a roll! I'm off to check out your bio page. Congrats to you!


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