Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cotton Candy Colored Day

Yesterday was a day spend on many projects, packing up custom banners, cleaning vintage items - buttons, dishes, mirrors - and creating a few new items as well. Nathan worked on stripping & sanding furniture, prepping old pieces for their Re-Newed life.
After a busy day we went to the Faulkner County Fair in Conway with the Darleys. The fair was a little less exciting than anticipated... The sun was extremely hot, there wasn't much shade, the music from some of the carnival game stands was VERY loud and VERY un-fair like in my opinion. There just didn't seem to be a real "fair spirit" going. But we were there on the last day, and there was Razorback game about to start (sacred in these parts ya know) which means that everyone was home or in Fayetteville and not very interested in a little country fair. Nathan was among the Hog Fans and was anxious to get in front of a TV himself for the game, so our tour through the little fair was brief - but we did managed to hit some highlights; A gigantic corndog each, a tour of the animal barns and 2 rides a piece for the boys, with promises to ride more rides at the State Fair in just a month. Looking back at the pictures of yesterday, I was happily surprised at the running theme... Pink! A nice little interlude from all the orange and green of Halloween...
Vintage Buttons Custom Banner
A Pig with Personality
Carnival Ride
Ferris Wheel Dream


  1. your pics do it more justice than it deserved.
    you forgot to mention to tandem tv's the boys had going. one for the alabama bame and one for the arkansas game. lol.

  2. Love the pictures, especially the happy pig! I need to write lesson plans but I am having too much fun visiting blogs. So glad to get to see your fun! Blessings, Katie

  3. Love the pink theme!!
    Love your pictures,

  4. I adore fairs, especially in the fall. I'm sorry yours wasn't what you thought it would be but the pictures are beautiful.

  5. These photos are fabulous, Jerusalem! The buttons remind me of earrings my Granny's neighbor made. She used little beads and ric-rac and other things, they were clip on type and looked very much like your buttons. I remember them from when I was just a tiny little girl. I was facinated with them! So your button photo brought back a great memory!
    Thank you,

  6. I love your amusement park photos! Just took some similar ones last weekend, don't know what it is about pictures of rides on a summer day but they always make me happy.

  7. Great photos, I put the Ferris Wheel one on my desktop!


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