Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today's Loot and Funny Family Factoid

There wasn't much out there this weekend. At least not around here. With 100 degree weather and school starting on Monday, putting on Garage Sales was NOT the big thing to do in Arkadelphia or North Little Rock this weekend. I did find a few goodies at an Estate Sale (the old vintage scale for one) and made off with a good load of pillowcases and sheets from the BeeHive Thrift Store in Arkadelphia.
Speaking of Arkadelphia, have I ever told you about the crazy girl names in my family?
Well, I come from a long line of uniquely named women. Starting with my Great-Great Grandmother Perilee. Followed by her daughters, Mitilda Arkadelphia, Zorabelle and Hattie. Then came my Grandmother Ethelee. Her daughters Tanya and Teija. Of course my mom (Tanya) had Me and then Jemimah and then Judea. There are a few boys mixed in there, but none of them have weird names so they don't count in this list. Do you want to know the funniest part? I thought so. The funniest part is that no one noticed this Odd Name Trend until I did a paper on our family in college and put it all together... Crazy huh?
Does anyone else have Odd Naming Traits in their families? If so I would love to know...Or are we just that strange???


  1. I cant really say that anyone in my family has unique names...yours are the coolest, I love the three J's you & your sisters have going on. Those vintage pillow cases are yummy!

  2. i cant say that i have an odd tradition ..... al though there are 4 jeanettas in my family. but i think with naming my daughter phoebe that maybe we could start one.
    i love the old unusual names.

  3. My 17 year old granddaughter is Xantiana. When her new baby brother is born, his middle name will be Xavier.

    I have some nice linens and other things put away. I'm debating with myself about selling them. The point of our garage sale, next month, is to clear our storage areas in anticipation of retirement at the end of this year and eventual downsizing.


  4. That is really strange, you must come from a long line of creative women.
    Have a good day
    Take Care

  5. A very interesting blog today!
    My mom's side has many sandi's and many vince's. I always thought that was a little strange.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. That is interesting. Most interesting is that nobody noticed until you pointed it out!

  7. I dunno know about the boys, not having unusual names....
    I think your forgetting Uncle Beans! :)

  8. What a neat story! I was wondering!

    On another note, you've been given an award over at my blog. Check out today's post.


  9. It must be in the cards, because I know my mom who named me Tanya in 1951 and my sister Teija in 1953 would have changed our names to Sue and Jane if she had thought she was carrying on a tradition!

    I wasn't trying to carry on a tradition by naming my daughters Bible names that started with a J. So if we get any more girls in the family we will see what will happen.


  10. I loved this blog. I can relate to the weird names too. My grandfather was very disappointed that my mom didn't name me Ouda (oo-da) Sheline after his mother (he was Gilbert Green Lyle). My mom kept the name Sheline which has been in our family for many generations but no one knows the origin nor the meaning. Herb hates his name (Herbert Wannamaker) and although his parents were disappointed that we do not have a HW III, he intentionally went to the social security website and looked up the most popular boy names and that's how we decided on Daniel Caleb. I've read that boys have a harder time with weird names than girls.
    Sorry for the rambling!


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