Thursday, August 16, 2007

Porch Dreams

I want a porch. A screened in, easy breezy porch. Just like the porches of my mother and my grandmother.

And I want a bed or swing, or both (or combo of the two) on the porch so I can sip tasty beverages while I think deep thoughts. Or I can lie down and nap or read a good book, with the crickets and cicada's and the breeze playing their tune in the background. And ceiling fans. We will need ceiling fans being in the south and all...

Porches are essential to experiencing Southern life to the fullest and I want one.

I want a vaulted ceiling that is painted (as well as the walls and floor) and I want it to be made out of bead board.. I am not sure what color yet. Maybe white? Maybe pale green... But something crisp and cool.

There needs to be a table and chairs for dining.

For informal dinners with kids and relatives and Nathan's bar-b-que chicken. Or formal ones with adults only and lots of good wine and rich food and my sweet mans wonderful french bread. Yes, lot's of bread will broken on this porch...

And there needs to be a corner set up with an an easel and some paints. Just in case I feel in the mood to piddle around and allow myself to relax with the sun and the breeze and some paint...

There will be 2 sets of pillows and cushions. One set for spring and summer when everything feels bright and light. One set that reminds me of the beach, and the simplicity I find there. Tranquil and inviting...

And one set for fall, when everything is crisp and golden. A set that reminds me of camping and cabins and the warmth of being wrapped in a slpeeping bag in the great outdoors, looking at the stars.

Oh yes, someday I will have a porch. And it will be so lovely...


  1. Manda - Treefall1:31 PM

    I want a porch too!

  2. I have a covered porch ,I never get a chance to use it, if I had loads of money mine would look like picture #1, but I have strongly considered screening it , and making it a sleeping porch, I really need to work on it.

  3. Isn't it nice to dream??
    It sounds lovely.
    I'm sure your wish will come true.

  4. cant you use your magic on your back patio

  5. We've thought about it, but there are so many issues... No, a screened in porch with a high ceiling is really the only way to go...Someday I will have one that runs the back length of my house... Someday...

  6. I think I would like the exact porch you described!
    Take Care

  7. Just discovered your wonderful blog.Love the pictures! Laurie

  8. Oh please can I come sit on your porch with my stack of magazines and an amaretto stone sour? Sigh.

  9. maybe if i had a porch like one of these it wouldn't be so hard to go home!

  10. And when you get your porch, of our dreams, can I come visit? It sounds lovely and just what I would want too.... Thank you for such a wonderful blog entry today. Nancy

  11. Pretty porches!


  12. Rosie8:49 PM

    I know how you feel.... and 3 years ago, I got my dream. I have spent so many days there with family and friends that it already has a ton of great memories stored with it's screened in walls.



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