Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rural Treasure

One of the bestest things about having Jeanetta move here is that now I have someone to Flea Market & Garage Sale with on a regular basis. And a someone who can go my speed (fairly fast,) doesn't mind passing ones by that don't look promising, and who isn't looking for the same sorts of things I am looking for (her: avocado green patterned Pyrex, me: old pink Christmas ornaments.) So when we recently found our newest haunt together, it was such a great moment to share. The fact that we got to take Tracy with us for further exploration, was just yummy icing on the cake. For me, having 2 friends to flea market with was almost too much excitement to stand! I was in "hog heaven" (as we say down here...)

This flea market is off of a rural stretch of highway outside Conway. We were intrigued by the signs that said "Flea Market! A/C!" (A/C = Air Conditioning.) But, because everything down here has air conditioning - and mostly central air conditioning at that- the very fact that they would advertise it as an amenity was intriguing enough for us to explore further. What we found was a treasure hunters delight.
This flea market is held in 2 buildings that were once part of a small rural school campus.
The rock building (which was not air conditioned I might note) was once the schools gym. Even though it has a new roof, it still has the original wood bleachers and tongue-n-groove beadboard walls. Amazing! The gym was filled with all sorts of junk and treasures - some furniture, lots of vintage clothes and odds and ends.
I grabbed some old lampshades that can be torn apart and re-made for the Shoppe, and Tracy found us a roll of Tickets to split for only $3.
Of course everything inside was old and dusty, and I needed some allergy medicine right away. And it was hot as Haiti's in there. I thought Alaskan Tracy would melt for sure. We will have to go back for further digging when the weather cools...

Escaping from the heat of the gym and walked to the white building - which used to be the school cafeteria, built around the early 1930's. Inside we found more beautiful beadboard walls (with the wood running horizontal instead of vertical) and lots more goodies. Oh, yes and A/C too!
There is a precious chain smoking, beehive hair-do wearin' old lady who tends the shop. Her skin is the most beautiful smooth shade of olive, with very few wrinkles and a great smile. She is so beautiful to me as she seems so content to run her little shop (only open on Saturdays) and visit with all who enter. Always asking "Where y'all from?" And always offering to hold your goodies up front by her chair while you look around, because she "could never look around with full arms" herself.
Even though most of the items are covered in a lovely layer of dust and may have been there for years, it is obvious that she takes pride in her shop because things are well laid out. The vintage clothes are all hung neatly in a row and the dishes are stacked according to style and color.
One of these days I am going to be brave enough to ask her if I can take her picture, but this past weekend she was visiting with some friends who had stopped by for a chat and I didn't want to put her on the spot...

These are some of the goodies I picked up on Saturday... What fun finds! I think I like the vintage Old Maid Cards the best.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I could go with you girls too!
    Love all of your treasures.

  2. we did have fun, didn't we??

  3. Ooh I'm so jealous!

  4. I needed that little visit to a real thrift shop after going to our's today.... ugh! And those white plates.... I've seen them before, maybe had them... Tracy, do you remember them? This will drive me crazy until Ii place them. Anyway, I love them!

  5. i love that little liberty flea market. i probably look all blurry in that pick because i was doing the happy wiggle followed by the happy squeal over the green lazy daisy corelle ware.

  6. What a fun day, and two friends to share it with! Love the embroidered pieces you got.
    My Art Doll has arrived, so funny because I had read about her on your blog but did not realise she was for me!!!! I love her, she is so gorgeous and so my colours and style. Also love the extra's you sent! So THANK YOU!
    Yours is coming - promise!!!
    Take Care - Rachael

  7. I think I've played Old Maid with a deck of cards like the ones you found on your Sat. outing! What fun! My friend Dulcy and I are going to an outdoor market this Sat. and seeing your blog makes me anxious for the weekend to get here! Blessings, Katie

  8. This looks like lots of fun!

    btw...I'll meet you in Paris. Apparently that is where I belong, too!:-)


  9. We don't have a whole lot of "flea markets" in the Seattle area. Infact, I have never once been to an "official" flea market. Looks like so much fun, searching for hidden treasures.

  10. you got some great finds. I can't wait to see what you do with the lamp shades.

  11. I'm a new visitor to your blog and enjoy it SO much. I heard about it from "The Dude Abides". I love the link to I Love Halloween! Hope you dont' mind the occassional drop in. Thanks for the smiles!

  12. What a fun adventure. It looks like a place you will have to visit regularly!


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