Friday, August 03, 2007

A Question of Scheduling

Do you ever feel like your brain is split into a bunch of different compartments, and each compartment has it's own To Do List, it's own timetable, it's own problems? I know I do. Things like kids and spouse and friends and church have their own To Do List and needs, but they are ever present and just part of the basic fabric of my life. The compartments I am talking about are more Work/Chore and Event related. They are as follows: My House, Clients, Local Shop, Etsy, Birthday Parties, Holidays, Blog. And I try really hard to stay on top of all the compartments, checking in, taking care, marking things off each list. My personal preference is to deal with each compartment one at a time but I have never really attempted to organize them into a schedule. Yesterday was one of those classic days , they all converge at once and by the end of the day my brain just feels fried. Of course yesterday was my fault because I didn't think ahead and scheduled too many different type of things on one day.
So After days like yesterday, I just want one compartment. I don't want to have switch between light and fluffy at the shop, to dark and modern for a client. I don't want my whole house to become one giant craft studio/playroom. I would like to see what my dining room table looks like again without having to go on a archaeological dig. Is this just me? Please tell me it's not.
Of course I am insanely grateful to have all these opportunities for work and play. I love my clients and my shoppes and Holidays and this Blog and all the things that I do. And I am sure that if I had just one compartment I would be bored... Oh the irony... I guess what I what I really wish is that I was better at switching gears...

The fall always feels like the beginning of a new year - Back To School, new notebooks and all that good stuff. So to me it is a perfect time to make some new resolutions. I want to do a better job of scheduling myself so that I am not fried mentally at the end of each day. But I am unsure of the best way to go about this. I don't know if I should dedicate days or weeks to certain areas. For example, should I make every Monday a shoppe day, or should I just make it one week out of the month and focus a whole week on it? Any ideas? I would sincerly appreciate any advice any of you might have on this subject.
'Till then I am off to Garage Sale with Jeanetta!! Oh what fun. And that is the only thing on my plate today - besides clearing off the dining room table...


  1. Jerusalem...
    I know what you mean about the scheduling thing. Although our little birds have flown the nest and I don't own a business, I feel very much as you do a garage sale is a good thing for you at the moment.

    I feel the same as you about Fall being a time of renewal, so odd, since it's the time for the earth to go to sleep. I love fall and always feel renewed at that time of year.

    Enjoy your garage sale day!

  2. I completely know what you mean & am exactly the same way. I wish I had an answer because I could really use one, too!

    last night Adam was sick & I managed to accomplish the following: went to the store to get lemons for lemon chicken, clean the kitchen, made dinner, did some crafting, walked the dog, & did a load of laundry. and that was only because I didn't stop until 9:15 when I got home from walking Doodles. relax? who's got the time??

  3. ps ~ I do like the idea of one day a week dedicated to an activity & if I had the will to stick with it, that's what I'd do. that way, you can touch base with all your compartments each week, but know that you don't have to worry about them until it's their turn. I think if you dedicated a week out of a month, that's stretching the activities out too far & you'll feel like you're trying to catch up.

  4. You are making my head spin. Slow down girl.
    Enjoy your day, and weekend.
    I'm actually having one of those hectic days today.
    Oh well, it's fun.

  5. I think I like the idea of dedicating a day a week to things. I get like you do also, just not on quite the same level as I don't have as many irons in the fire as you do.

    Great minds think alike with the inspiration pictures. I look forward to you posting them too so I can see what your thoughts were on them. Have a great RELAXING weekend! Jen


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