Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday's Loose Ends

Well it is Monday again. And it is August. Where did July go? I feel like it flew by and all I have to prove it was here are a few pictures... School starts in 2 weeks. I can't believe it.
But the back-2-school vibe is absolutely kicking in and today I bought a new planner, a cute little list-making notebook for my purse and even streamlined "My Favorites" on the computer. I loved making new folders for links and naming them things like "Great Ideas," "Bookish Things" and "EcoDesign." Sorda like getting to name paint colors. What a fun job that would be!

But now on to the things at hand - Monday's Loose Ends.

First up is some WIP pictures of a banner and crown combo I am working on as a special order. This will be the largest banner I have done because instead of doing my smaller circles, I am using 8x11 sheets of paper as the backing. The banner is going to hang in a large foyer and needs to be bigger so as to make more of an impact. I will try and get some good photo's of the finished project, but I bet I have hang it somewhere other than my mantle to fit it all in...

Next up is a glimpse of my Art Doll Hat in progress. I tried to make one in the traditional cone shape, but I was never happy with how it was turning out. So instead I switched to my own party crown pattern and I am much happier with the results. I will post pictures of the completed hat later this week. Hopefully I haven't broken any sacred Art Doll Hat rules...

Have you visited the Speckeled Egg shop or blog? They are both new fav's of mine and I can't believe I didn't know about them before - especially the shop. I thought the prices and selection were great and delivery was swift! I even used several items of the ephemera goodies I got on my Doll Art Hat.

And speaking of shoppes, my sister Jemimah is having a sweet sale at her little Etsy store, so go check her out!

That's all for this Monday - another week is here and we off and running!!

PS- I can't figure out how to add people to My Contacts on Flickr. Anyone have a tip for me?


  1. To your PS: You have to go to each persons profile and to the right of the screen once you are on their "profile" page you click add them, it opens into a new screen and you add friend family or leave the boxes unchecked.

  2. thanks for the sweet shout out girly! love ya!

  3. Thank you Garbreial! That worked perfectly... I don't know why I have never noticed that before!!

  4. Love your banner, cant wait to see it when its finished. Your art doll hat is so pretty too...your just one creative mama!

  5. awwww.... thanks so much for the sweet words! i'm soooo happy to have found your blog too! i definitely need to go check out your previous posts!!! :)


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