Monday, August 20, 2007

Looking for Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love all the very Americana things about it. Football games (not that I pay attention, but I love going, and the idea of them) new notebooks, unpacking the sweaters and corduroys (oh how I love chords.) And my blue jean jacket. My own personal bit of heaven right here on earth. I know it is silly to feel that way about a piece of clothing, but it is one of the very few things that I always feel right in when I wear it. It is comfortable and flattering and and oh so very me. I do not own a stitch of clothing that is more me that that particular blue jean jacket. I would wear it every day if possible... I am just itching for that first cold front when I can whip it out.

I also love plaid patterns and brown boots of all shades (if they are flat) and tights and all sorts of fall clothes. Every year I am most inspired by Sundance, J Crew , Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren, because they all seem to have a great beat on Fall textures and colors. So I have been browsing their sites, looking for clues and lightbulbs (to go off in my head...)
Because, frankly, it has been really, really hard to get inspired for fall when it has been 100 degrees outside. 100 and humid. Not a great combo for Autumn Inspiration. But because I have to stay one step (at least) ahead of things for the shoppes, I have persevered and dug out all my fall back-issues of Country Home, Country Living, Cottage Living, Martha and Home Companion. But still, I have found myself frustrated and stumped time and time again. Especially when it comes to how to mix the colors of fall with the colors I typically use - those shabby chic/cottage colors...

Today when I went in to yoga I was tired and not very awake yet and dreading the thought of another hot Arkansas August day. I was dreading having to think about fall and all the things I needed to do to prepare. I was dreading having to juggle even more now that summer is over. But as I stretched and groaned and listened to parts of my body pop and crackle, I began to let go of my tension and my worry, and I suddenly found myself very grateful instead. I am grateful to have a life that allows some space for things like yoga -pop, crackle and all - and mindless browsing through Barnes and Noble, iced latte in hand. I am grateful for a life where I get to create something with my hands, and share a bit of joy with people. And I am grateful for the creative process, because it is never boring, even when frustrating.

When I came out of yoga I felt the breeze - even over the heat, and the light had somewhat shifted and
I could feel the promise of fall in the air. "Be patient, fall is on it's way" is what the light peeping out from behind the trees seemed to say.

Later, I found this picture, on the BHG website. This picture is a perfect example of the shoppes astectic and fall meeting up. The tea stained colors of the wallpaper, meeting with the crisp white beadboard. Mix in a little plaid, some velvet ribbon and frosted acorns and voila! A Storia Home Autumn is born...Suddenly a steady trickle of inspiration has started to flow...

So what get's you inspired for fall?


  1. Yay for Fall!!!
    I love it. I love Halloween and everything Fall. I'm with you on the jean jacket and plaids.
    I love to bake pumpkin muffins.
    I can't wait to get my fall decorations out of hibernation.
    Looking forward to it,

  2. I love Fall, too! Crisp dry leaves.... of which I recall one year having here in Juneau... Cool, brist air that just screams Fall of which we're already experiencing. And the colors: the reds, oranges, rusts. I, too, love the Fall clothes--the tights, boots, jene jackets, but can't wear plaids. Oh, heck, I'll just have to tell you all about it on my blog!

  3. i am solooking forward to seeing the leaves change. i havent really seen that in 8 years. in case most folks dont know mesquite trees are evergreen so they dont really change color.
    come on nature..... give me those orange hues!!!

  4. unlike yall, fall has already arrived for us. of course i didn't have the sweat producing summer that yall did. i can't wait to have a real holiday season with my husband! thanks for the inspiration. after the first of sep the new curtains go up and the color goes from pink to red!

  5. Well your post is inspiring me for fall although, like you, the weather outside isn't inspriring me. We have a change in the air so hopefully soon that will change. I look forward to seeing what you do in the shop.

  6. Someone sent me an email and told me she had found my online twin. I think she mat have been right.

    Oh, and the interwebs make for a very very small world.

    I think I will spend the day reading, and catching up on the life of my old friend.

  7. bring it! it cannot come soon enough!

  8. Nice article, sweetie! You got SOUL!

    love, dad

  9. So right about the weather. There is a time when you can feel there is a change in the air. Makes you know there is hope. Fall in Arkansas is the best.



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