Friday, August 31, 2007

Images from the Week

My sweet boy has fallen in love with Tracy. Anxiously waiting for her to wake-up each morning. Seeking her out when she is out of sight. He caught the fever/cough bug from Wylie and we have had a few days in a row of being home together. I can't really say I have minded the slower pace and the chance to cuddle a little more than normal with him. He is just so sweet...

A pink glitter explosion. There was a whole lot of craftin' goin' on this week, during our forced confinement. Can't say I minded that either.

Of course all the crafting took it's toll on the rest of the house. The kitchen never really lost that "lived in" look all week. And my bed never got made either. Some things I just have to let go of for the sake of everyones sanity... (PS, this picture is also for Nancy.)

But all the chore ignoring wasn't for nothing. The Shoppe is now stocked with some fun Harvest and Halloween Banners. More to come next week, so stay tuned!


  1. It does sound like a lovely change and pace and wouldn't be thrilled to spend time snugglin with that little cutie pie!

  2. My word, but he is cute!
    Yay, for some down time.
    And I espcially love the new "BOO" banners.

  3. aww, that's so sweet! it's hard to not to be completely in love with your little boys, too! they are too cute (and sweet) for words. I can't say as I mind my little "tracy?" wake-up calls.

  4. Such a beautiful child. It makes me miss mine. I have been doing disaster relief all week and have been away from my kids. I look forward to some cuddle time with them.

  5. All little boys fall in love with Tracy. Yes, she's ready to be a momma, isn't she? Thank you for showing your not-so-clean home I looked real hard hoping one of those banners were It's a Boy! I can hardly wait to see it. Nancy

  6. I love that picture of your little guy!

  7. sweet idea and pictures of the school boys.. they grow so fast! and love the paper or fabric? lettering..welcome to the swap?? do i have you on the list??

  8. HI jerusalem... THANKS FOR COMING BY
    your fun stuff in your shoppe... I also love that you also let things go-
    and enjoy what your doing.. cute boys-
    enjoy them. OH, pray for fall to come soon... so hot!!!
    take care and have fun...

  9. Hi Jerusalem!
    Your baby boy is ADORABLE, what a sweetie! I can't wait to visit your Esty store and see all the new wares! How exciting! Hey I joined the swap too! I just couldn't resist - thanks for mentioning it on your blog. Have a beautiful week! Blessings, Katie

  10. Love those cuddle bugs.



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