Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gettin' Organized. Sorda.

Do to a million different reasons, I moved my office/guest room around to accommodate my ever growing need for storage and organization. Having the shoppe expansion has been such a great thing, but it has caused an explosion of "stuff" in our house. Stuff to be cleaned, stuff to be painted, stuff to be altered, sewn, priced, listed and glued. Oh yeah, and sometimes glittered too.

In a perfect world I would have painted my office before I re-arranged. The blue on the walls is a very "boy" blue to me and does not really soother or inspire. Which are 2 of the things I would like most in my work space. But this is not a perfect world and the painting will have to wait for another, less busy, time. Like January. By the way, my January To Do List is growing rapidly...

One of the reasons I was motivated to re-arrange is that Tracy has taken pity on me and come down to the hot, hot south to help me with my accounting issues. I have recently incorporated my business (another big change) which has come with a lot of new challenges, Proper Accounting being the main one. Because, to be frank, numbers make me cry. And numbers that could get you in trouble with federal government make me want to sob and go to bed for a week. So my dear friend (we realized we have been friends for 21 years!) has graciously come to my rescue to help me get set up and make sure that I am dotting all my i's and crossing all my t's.

Unfortunately she is crammed in between some shelves, much like these, that are piled high with files and supplies and resources. I wish I had a beautiful guest suite for her to steal away to and relax, but some cute vintage sheets and a little side table were the best I could do.

I am very excited about these new shelves though because the are already helping immensely. I have made temporary labels for each shelf (pretty magnetic ones to come later) and I am able to keep things out where I can see them (and thus not forget about them) but where they are still sorted into piles such as "fabric for lampshades" or "items for Fall." Over the next month or so as I play with the shelves and my system I am sure I will make a few changes and adapt things to my ever changing To-Do List. But for now I am feeling a little more organized and clear headed. Well, sorda....


  1. the accomodations are just perfect. and after you go to sleep, I look through all your shelves!!

  2. i wish i had a room instead of just a cabinet. :(

  3. Yea for shelves! One the most important inventions of all time.


  4. Hey, Roo, tell Tracy we love her, so glad she is getting to visit! ... And I really love that new collage you have as the masthead for your blog.

    dear ol' dad

  5. It's good to get organized. Even if it is sorda. Yay for helpers!


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