Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Artful Party

Today is the Artful Blogging party that is being hosted by Ms. ArtsyMama herself. It looks like there are a ton of people getting all creative today and that is so cool.
Some people are posting "how-to" guides of their crafts, or baking cakes, and holding discussions. For my part, I am going to share my finished Art Hat Doll and her history (because every Art Hat Doll has a story to tell, I am just sure of it!) I thought this would be a good post on this day, because every party needs party hats don't you think?

Meet Beatrice Bell

She is a lovely English girl who runs a flower shop near the train depot in Northhampton.

Because she see’s so much, (because after all Northhampton is such a busy, bustling place) and she knows who is buying flowers for whom, and who returned whose flowers, and who longs for flowers, and so on and so forth, she is well regarded far and wide for her ability to be discreet.

If you ask her how she knows something she will only giggle and say:
“Oh a little birdie told me…”
Beatrice has many suitors herself but she doesn’t confess which one she loves the most.
Except to him of course…

NOTE: I would like to thank My Bear of Very Little Brain, Mr. Pooh for being my model today. I know he would have much preferred to be eating honey and visiting with Piglet.


  1. Oh my oh my Jerusalem your Mrs. Beatrice Bell flower hat is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! So nice to party with you! Cheers! Carol xox

  2. You are so creative! Thanks for the story along with the beautiful hat! Have you made any baby's first birthday hats?? I need one for October for my #2 boy. :) Any ideas??

  3. So cute!!
    You are Mrs. Creative!

  4. Pooh looks superb in that hat!! Can I ask about the ballet dress in the banner and later with the apron and rolling pin????

    It's my first visit to your blog but I will be back as you ahve so much eye candy!

  5. What a beautiful party hat! I am so inspired to make one. Thanks for sharing : )

  6. I adore your crown! I absolutely must atempt to make one myself. I only hope it turns out 1/2 as pretty as yours.

  7. Loved the story, I wanted to know more... I remember making a doll for a competition once, ( Elizabeth Ceciley) she took me several weeks to make, and then I had to send her away to be exhibited and it was like a visitor had left our house... how strange to give a life to our creations...

  8. so adorable so happy to meet you. wasn't this the funnest day ever????

  9. Beatrice Bell is beautiful and I have enjoyed meeting her very much!!

  10. A perfect party hat for a perfect party! Thanks for your sweet comment today. :)

  11. soooooo cute! love her skirt!!!

  12. I love the sweet birthday hat and one of my favorite "Pooh" to be
    wearing it!! You are a very creative.

  13. STill getting around to all the parties! LOVE the hat!


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