Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh the time you could waste...

Look what I found by way of Liquid Sky - A Palette Generator. This is a fun little game to play when you need some inspiration or distraction.

Simply load a picture and they will create a palette of colors that coordinates. Even though the colors listed are general colors used for publishing, you could print them out and have them scanned and matched at your favorite paint place. Now how much fun would that be?? As you can imagine I have already wasted way too much time playing this game...These are a few pallet's I created from magazine pictures and the last one is from my own house...


  1. That does sound like fun!

  2. Your blog is so inspiring - I love it! My dear friend Dulcy also loves the inspiration that "across the pond" magazines give to her and shares it with me. You are a true kindred spirit and if you lived closer to Springfield we would capture you and your creative spirit for our little circle of imaginers. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I don't sell them, I give them away to admirers. I may open an Etsy store some day soon. I love your Etsy store - it is beautiful too! Blessings, Katie

  3. What exactly does "shelter" magazine mean? I'm so headed to that website to play with color palettes! Thanks.


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