Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now They Are 3

Around this time 3 years ago about 10 of my friends and I had either just given birth or where about to give birth. Amy (one of my very, very nearest and dearest friends) and I delivered our boys only 2 days apart. In the same hospital. I went first, on a Tuesday. On Thursday, I padded down the hall, in my slippers and nightgown, to see her and her new arrival, The Bean (as he had been referred to in utero.) It was one of the neatest experiences I have had, and will make for a great story all their lives.
While going through pregnancy with a good friend can be fun, going through postpartum / sleep-deprived/newborn stage was not so much, at least for us. But we all survived - husbands, babies and Momma's, and we are all much better, and closer, for the wear and tear.

Now the boys are 3 - as are all those other babies from that spring and summer -and it has been one big party city around our social set lately. To simplify things Amy and I decided to throw our boys their birthday party together since most of our friends overlap and because it is just easier then trying to cram both their parties into 2 separate events over one weekend. Who needs that much extra craziness in their lives? Not me, that is for sure.

Our theme was "Camping" and we "decorated" by pitching tents all over the yard, spreading out sleeping bags to sit on, and giving away flashlights as party favors. Our menu featured grilled hot dogs, S'mores and cake topped with "Dirt." A fun time was had by all - even including the adults. I am a recent convert to the "keep it real and simple" philosophy of party planning. I love the way elaborate parties look in magazines, but I am doing good to get the house cleaned and the favor bags labeled.
I used to get stressed about it, feeling that I "The Crafty Person," I "The Professional Party Planner" should be able to pull of Martha Stewart-esque parties. But then I realized that I didn't have the money or the staff that Martha has, nor that of my clients. So from here on out I am going to keep it real and simple and fun. Because that is what my kids will remember, and that is what I will remember, and that after all is what really counts.

For more pics of our very fun party go view here.

Next week it's Wylie's turn....


  1. ironic that after I finish writing a post about my overwhelmedness & how will I manage with a kid or two, I read your post about learning to keep things real & simple. thank you for the reminder that that's what is important!

  2. So cute.
    I know what you mean. I always tried to have the most inventive birthday parties for my daughter.
    We aren't Martha, nor do we have her staff or budget. But I think we do very well with what we have.
    Your party looked fab!!
    The childeren are adorable.


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