Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday's Loose Ends

Seems like Mondays are becoming the days when I post all those little things I have been meaning to mention... I would say that this new habit will continue, but the moment I say that is the moment that it will cease to be true...

So here are today's links/thoughts/whatever's:

For all your Somethings Gotta Give lovers:

An interview over at Architectural Digest with Writer/Director Nancy Myers regarding her design concept and motivation for SGG... A must read for all those obsessed with movie set design and this house in particular.

Follow-Up to That Princess and a Pea post...

Wylie made this stack of pillows the other day while playing in the living room. I am not sure what they were supposed to be, but I am sure it was not a princess bed... Nathan dubbed it "The Leaning Tower of Pillows."

Movie Time

Has anyone seen this movie? How is it? How are the sets? I thought the trailers looked good, but you know how misleading those can be....

Going Swap Silly...
And finally I have done it, I have joined not one but TWO swaps!! What was I thinking? This is the busiest time of the summer for me with my boys birthdays and other goings-on's...
But I did it anyway...

I joined the Tussie Mussie Swap

Hopefully my partners will have mercy on me, as I am sure to be late delivering their goodies... But I will keep you posted on my progress. Just don't hold your breathe or anything dangerous like that.
So that is the Monday Round-Up for this week. Tomorrow is Miles' 3rd Birthday Party Bash and hopefully our unseasonably nice weather will hold out one more day... Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me will ya? I could sure use it this week...


  1. Hey there Jerusalem! I saw Evening this weekend at the Art Cinema with Sweet Hubby. It was a good movie, not great, the sets were lovely, especially the beach "mansion". The story got a little muddy going back and forth between modern day the remembered events. I much preferred the memories and would have been totally happy to skip the storyline that was current day. I liked it but I would definetely recommend Waitress over Evening if you haven't seen it!

  2. and who isn't totally in love with SGG set?? the house, the beach, all that lovely white, and the ever-popular Diane Keaton.

  3. Evening was a disappointment especially with that great cast!

  4. Hi,
    I haven't seen the movie yet.
    You sound super busy.
    I am in the tussie mussie swap too.
    Slow down a little.

  5. I'm at a loss for words to learn that the set of SGG was not a real home.... It's my perfect home for sure, only now to learn that it isn't a home at all.... But what a wonderful set! The best of the best.


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