Sunday, July 15, 2007

Give Me a Pea!

For as long as I can remember I have loved the Princess and the Pea story. I think it is what drives my love affair with tall-pillow- adorned-double -blanket- covered beds. I am always tearing pictures out of magazines that show blankets or pillows piled high and I buy every vintage pillowcase worth it's salt that I can get my hands on.

Lately it seems that I am not the only one a case of Princess inspiration. Look at what Jeanetta over at Splendid Designs and Manda over at Tree Fall Designs have come up with!

Aren't they precious?? I am absolutely in-love with both... Jeanetta's painting was a special order she did for a customer, but I am hounding her to do some more in various colors for the shoppes.

Want to know something ironic though? I can't stand peas. Unless they are of the Black-Eyed variety of course (and yes, I mean the kind that go with cornbread, not the kind that go to the Grammy's.)


  1. I just love your pictures...something about vintage pillow cases & quilts and all the comforts of home that are so heartwarming! Jeanetta's creations are fabulous!

  2. love the new banner. phoebe keeps asking me about the princess & the pea story and i have to find a copy cause i cant really remember it enough to wing it. lol. she just totally could get the story as i was trying to sum it up. lol
    4 days... can you believe it?

  3. I will never have a yard sale reading stuff like this! (I couldn't decide whether or not to keep my meeger frog-prince collection... this makes me want to hang on!)

    I loved Jeanetta's Princess and the Pea painting when I saw it, and now I want one of those doll sets (and I don't have kids to pretend its for them...)

    Here's a link to the story (with a great illustration):

  4. I know, aren't they both precious? I had to fight the urge to immediately put in my special order request for Manda's princess & the pea!

  5. Loving the pictures. So sweet.

  6. Very sweet pictures. I love that story.

  7. How could you grow up in our house and love only one kind of pea?!? And now married to a chef!!! One of life's little mysteries. Oh well, at least you gave us two little SWEET PEAS -- we are enjoying the boys, they had scads of fun at Vacation Bible School last night.
    Love, dad


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