Thursday, July 05, 2007

Come on in...

to the new shoppe... and sit a while.

Do you remember that Girl Scouts song? Make new friends but keep the old...One is silver and the other gold.. I always loved that song. Something about it was so hokey and yet so true all at the same time (as is usually the case with things that are hokey.) And it is true of more than just friendships. Life is full of blending the old and the new together, over and over.

This week has been full things like that. We spent the 4th with my family and a few friends. But instead of our old traditional fried chicken and potato salad we started a new tradition by serving a a Low Country Boil. And it was so yummy...
My sisters are moving onto new adventures, and I am the one staying home this time doing the same "old thing" & that is such a strange turn of events, me being the one left behind and all...
Through blogging and Etsy I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones...

But by far the biggest NEW of all this week is that we are finally in the new space at the local Shoppe. Our new space that is full of old things with new purpose... It is all silver and gold to me, full of wonderful glittering goodies..

So here is to moving into all the new adventures ahead for all of us, and here is to the great memories and the history that binds us together, no matter how far apart we may be!


  1. ooo its so wonderful. i love it!!!
    i cant wait to be there all the time.

  2. good job ladies!

  3. Wonderful place! Yummy colors and rich textures. God's blessings of His purposes to you in this new place- the chance to encourage, the pleasure of creating, the benefit of monetary gain from the talents and opportunity He's given you.

  4. Wonderful looking shop, Jerusalem!

    I've always wanted to try doing a Low Country Boil. They always look delicious in photos, I've seen.

    Back Porch Musings

  5. Love the pictures of your shop! I also love your blog!
    And being from the lowcountry of South Carolina, I eat and love a good low country boil!

  6. It looks just wonderful. I really like the lamp or chandelier (whatever you'd call it).

  7. I assume the pinwheels are for sale? I may have to purchase one!

  8. Blogging is a wonderful little community. Your shoppe is amazing.. so much to see in each corner.

  9. Hi again,
    I'm telling you I wish I could shop there. I would be a regular.
    The glittery Eiffel Tower came from my favorite shop in Ventura.
    You are the second person who asked about it. I should open a glittery Eiffel Tower stand.

  10. WOW. I mean, I saw the space when I went to pick up my crown and banner and I remember thinking it looked like a great room. But these pictures are AMAZING! Congratulations!

  11. YEAAAAA! Great shop! Can we find all of these items on your Etsy site?

  12. You can't find them all on my Etsy site BUT if you ever see something pictured from my local shop that you would like a price on, just let me know!

  13. Congrats to you on your new shop! I love everything about you take online orders?

  14. Congratulations to you. I can't imagine how exciting this all must be. I'm so very envious that you are following your dreams. Good for you!


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