Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Visiting Paris...

My friends are taking a trip to grand Paris this summer and then moving into a new house upon their return. They are not big shoppers overall, at least not like me. But if you are in Paris and you have a new house, I feel it would be immoral not to take advantage of being in PARIS! and bring a few things home... As their friend (and designer) I thought I would make a little list of things that they might look for while they are there, to help them remember their trip, and to add those great personal details to their new house that will help make it into a home... I also thought I would share the list with you! So here we go - off to Paris to shoppe!

What to Buy While in Paris:

1. Some old books; As big a readers as y'all are you MUST buy some old french books. Since most books are heavy and you have a weight limit flying home, try and buy smaller books. Grammar books, poetry books, plays...
Try and buy books that fit the color scheme of the room they are going in - you know your colors; Mocha Brown, Robins Egg Blue, Burnt Red.... Of course if you find a great french cookbook that would work in the kitchen, remember to get something brighter - like your dishes.

2. Collections: Try and buy a little statue from all the places you go. A little Eiffel Tower, a little Arc de Triomphe etc. Try to buy ones that are made of metal and not plastic and also try to vary the sizes as we will probably group them all together and that is best. Remember to buy in "odds" if you can... A group of 3 or 5 would be great.

3. Art stuff: Because you can't bring a real Monet or Picasso home (so sad I know) here are some other ways to remember the art you loved. If you visit someplace like Monet's home & garden see if you can buy a local artist sketch of the home, or even just the front door. Or buy a great photograph of something related to the artist or his home (i.e. Monet's Japanese Bridge...) Or, if you can, buy a post-card set your favorite artist's rough sketches that could all be matted, framed and hung in a grid pattern. Think small here. Little drawings, little cards, little prints. When buying something that represents great art, I think smaller is better and more refined. But maybe that is just me...???

4. Maps are always good: In my humble (but admittedly addicted) opinion, you can never, ever go wrong with maps. Try and find a great old (or reproduction) map of Paris or France. Try and find one that has black & brown coloring as that will go best with your decor. I of course tend to go for the ones with pink and blue and yellow in them, as those colors go great with my decor, but luckily maps come in a variety of colors and style, so think old and think b&b. Remember bigger is better with maps, but also a group of small ones would be great as well...

5. Don't forget the dishes: If you find a favorite cafe or restaurant or market, see if they have demitasse cups & saucers for sale, or tea pots or see if they have a cute bag or box that could be framed. Or collect menu's from all the great places you go. Those could also be turned into fun wall art in the kitchen. You never know what kind of great memories you will have at a place as simple as a cafe..
Oh, and if you happen across some linens with red stripes or monograms on them, feel free to bring a few home for me. I wouldn't mind all....
So there you have it, a little shopping assignment for your trip! Have fun and take a ton of pictures and I will see you (and all your purchases!) when you get home.


  1. I want to go to some obscure designer's warehouse and scarf up all the delicious real fabrics you can't get from the designers today. I am talking about fabrics that were made with real fibers not chemicals. Who knows what we are wearing these days.
    Love thinking about it.

  2. oh, how I wish I could have that shopping "assignment" in grand Paris! I can't speak a lick of French, but part of me always thought I belonged there. What girl hasn't??

  3. I love that list. I would want to buy it all!

  4. ooh...just the photos make me wish i was going to paris...

    but then again... it doesn't take much...


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