Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Saving the Planet One Globe at a Time

These are some of the things I thrifted this past week for me, not the shoppe. The globe is my favorite find - it is tin and was only a $1. A $1! I couldn't believe it... The book it is sitting on is all about the coronation process, which I found timely considering my current obsession with The Queen. And then I found the "So you were elected" book soon after. I thought the 2 were perfect compliments to each other and to Nathan and I. Me being Queen Momma and all, and him and his secret dream to be a speech writer...

The little bag may have been used for clothes pins? I am not sure, but it sure is sweet. The tray below is for the boys room which has a "travel" type theme. It is in great condition and the colors are divine. I just couldn't believe what a bargain it was @ $2.

My friend Alison has gotten increasingly earth friendly and healthy-minded lately, which I totally envy of course. I envy both her energy to implement her ideas and her good humor about it. So in the spirit of all this tree hugging - and I say that in love of course - I have realized a way we can all do something good for this lovely planet we all call home...We can all go thrifting! My new slogan at the shoppe is "Save the Planet, Buy Old Stuff!" And I stand by that. Buying vintage items is a great way to save money and the planet - a form of recycling if you will - so this weekend, go thrifting and feel good about it. It's not just shopping, it's a conservation effort!

I am off to my mother's tomorrow and I hope to hit my favorite rummage shop there and find some treasures...
New 4th of July banners will be at Storia HOME this weekend and all custom banner orders will be going out this weekend as well. My apologies to everyone who is waiting... I have no good excuse, just the usual one of "life with small children."


  1. Hey I'm all for saving the planet if it means getting my antique fix on! :) the globe!

  2. Jerusalem- I LOVE all of your finds, especially that globe. I'm just dying to get one for my dd's room and I haven't managed to find one locally. I really want one with a red base and I guess I'll have to break down and get it from ebay. I've been more earth friendly and healthy minded lately too and I agree that thrifting is a great resource for that. In honor of you I think I will go thrifting today. Thanks for all of the inspiration you give me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. yay for the planet!!!

    love the globe (i am totally jealous of your globe collection...i need to come over more and enjoy it)

    and the clothespin bag and the sweet map for the boys' room are so cutie!

  4. here's my mauntra....
    i'll be there soon i'll be there soon i'll be there soon

  5. But I don't see Alaska on your tray.... I love your slogan, "Save the Planet, Buy Old Stuff!"

  6. You got some really great things.
    Have fun at your moms.

  7. good for you! now you can say you are looking out for mother earth and you have a great reason for more shopping. as if you really needed a reason! love all the stuff!


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