Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday's Goodies and Shoppe Update

Finally there are new banners at Storia HOME! I can just hear you all hootin' and hollerin' now... There are 3 for the 4th of July and 2 newish "Mother" banners. Because Mother's have birthdays and such and you never know when you might want to buy your Mother - or yourself- a banner!

I am hootin' and hollerin' because of the great find today for me. Look that these precious plastic dishes I found today while out and about today. I picked them all up for only $5 at a rummage sale! I think they are Target (?) from a few seasons ago, but to me they are very, very "Cath Kidson"and I just can't wait to set up a picnic with them in the backyard with grapes and cheese and sweet Nathan's bread... Doesn't that sound fab? We should have a blog picnic party day where everyone sets up a picnic and takes pictures and shares! What do you think? I will have to do some more ruminating on that and get back to you...

But in the meantime, go visit Ms. Kidson and be inspired! PS- Make sure to visit both her UK and US sites for the complete experience.


  1. Wow,
    I love the banner.
    You got lucky today with those really cute dishes.
    Have a fun weekend,

  2. Oh my gosh Ms. J!...I love your new treasures and I adore your banners. Must go check out your etsy. I found the colored burlap at Hancock Fabrics; they are closing their stores out here and I found them in the 60% sale bins!...the colors are awesome, my camera didn't pick up the true colors of the greens.

  3. I love your dishes and the idea of a picnic day post. I'm really envious of the deal you got on those pretties.


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