Friday, June 22, 2007

Inspiration Friday - From My Personal Collection

These are all pictures I go to for inspiration. Both for my home now, and in the future. I love the punches of black in each picture. Some of them are just shadows in the background, but regardless, black always is such a great accent for soft pinks, blues, greens and whites. It's the great juxtaposition between sweet and sophisticated. And it keeps things from being too perfect or too feminine. Click on pictures for larger view.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. What home magazines are your favorite? What are your favorite decorating books?

  2. Wow, that is a big question! Because I LOVE MAGAZINES. I am officially addicted. But here are my top the 4 I feel I need in order to breathe each month:
    1. Mary Englebriet's Home Companion
    2. Country Living
    3. Country Home
    4. Hallmark

    Here are ones I throw in when I need an additional fix:
    1. Cottage Living
    2. Martha Stewart Living
    3. BHG
    4.Romantic Homes
    5. InStyle Home
    6. British County Living
    7. British Country Home and Interiors ( I LOVE all the british magazines SOOO much, but can't stand to spend the money so I save them for special occastions or just read them in the store)
    8. Coastal Style
    10. Domino

    As for books on design, I like books with pictures, not theory books or how-to books. So I tend to dig up my Rachel Ashwell books a bunch. I also love Creole Thrift, all the Pottery Barn books, and Country Living's Decorating with Vintage Style and of course The French General book, which is a staple. I have several others, but those seem to be the ones I return to, time and time again.

  3. I love every bit of it.
    I also use a little black in my home. I think it looks great!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wonderful post, Jerusalem!

    Back Porch Musings

  5. I must have the same top 4 magazines thats on your list as well and save all of them! your pictures.


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