Sunday, June 10, 2007

High Fashion

Knowing my love for Out of Africa you can see why I fell in-love with these recent pics from Vogue... I love the colors and the textures.. The tent in the first picture and the ruffles and hat in the last are my favorites...

Also I have a secret love for High Fashion that is totally frivolous and completely useless in my current life, but I can't help losing myself in Vogue or Harper's Bazaar every now and again. A leftover habit from my childhood dream to be a fashion designer I guess.
It's odd, because I am not a name brand person, I don't like clothing that blares the makers name or logo all over it. I tend to be more "all or nothing" about my clothes. I think it should either come from Target or Goodwill or it should be a One-of-a-Kind item or Couture. Of course I don't know that I could ever spend $30K on a dress. I can't even bring my self to spend $50 on this one. So I guess couture is out of the question. But maybe I'll be able to splurge for one of Tif's creations one of these days...

But regardless of my fashion habits, I find that even fashion photo shoots like this can serve as inspiration for design. You just never know what is going to get those creative sparks flying...


  1. And I could just see you wearing one of those slip dresses! I could never pull it off.... but you young girls sure could. I also love her bags.

  2. I love, love that skirt with the ruffles. OMG!!!
    Thanks for showing us those great pictures.

  3. oh, I totally know what you mean. maybe it's the little girl in all of us that still wants to be a princess? I don't know, but I do know that I always fall for clothes like that - terribly impractical but oh soooo beautiful...

    to me, too, there's the pull of clothes as costume - if I wear those clothes, I will be that person, that character, if only for awhile.

  4. ooooh.... I love the spiegel dress (maybe it'll go on sale in the fall & I can hook it up with a cardigan for work!)

  5. Lovely eye candy! I haven't seen Out of Africa since I was in High School and now it's going on my library list. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Beautiful photos!! I love the Speigel dress!

    I've recently shopped for just the right reahearsal dinner dress and mother of the bride dress. Guess what! I found just the right MOB dess, hanging in my closet. A wonderfully simple, ankle length black dress, I've had for years...all I had to do was add a new jacket and I was ready. And the rehearsal dinner dress, marked way down at Coldwater Creek! Both perfectly classic, Pat style dresses! I'm prepared for November 16/17, without breaking the bank!

    I love Ralph Lauren ads. Whether in print or Television...they are absolutely gorgeous!

    Back Porch Musings

  7. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I love "Out of Africa" style too! Thanks for sharing and bringing it to memory because it inspired a decorating breakthrough I've been needing! The only thing is, I think the models need to eat something! Jessica T.

  8. I want you to buy the Speigel dress! It is beautiful, just like you, and you are SO worth many, many, many $50 dresses.

  9. These pictures are awesome!...makes me want to pull out my own video of "out of Africa" and watch it again...its been so long!

  10. Oh, that is beautiful. I love your blog too. It's my first time visiting. I'm goint to add you to my blogroll.


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