Monday, June 18, 2007

Crafty Gal

I have added some fun Crafty Gal packs at Storia HOME. These packs have lots of vintage and retro sewing and craft supplies in them... I think they are super cute and most everything came out of one sewing box that had a pencil in it from 1942. Amazing!

My organizing angel must have been with me this weekend, because yesterday I did some shifting of closets and got this little craft center all set up in the dining room. I put all my glitter and glue and ribbon and paper in this small broom cabinet. The little cabinet came with the house and isn't the best quality of furniture, but for now it works well to hold my tablecloths on one side and craft supplies on the other. Why don't I craft in my office you say? Because it triples as a guest room & storage room for my interior design stuff in addition to the office part. So the dining room now doubles as my workshop because I didn't think that guest room/dining room would work as well as the current solution... Now I can get back to banner making and not feel as if I am taking the dining room hostage. All the supplies can go right back home when I am done and we can eat dinner all at the same table again. Can you hear my big 'ole sigh of relief?


  1. oh, yes ~ I can hear it!!

  2. Hi,
    We have the same idea. I have been organizing my new/old hutch. I'm using it for my craft supplies.
    Your closet looks very neat and tidy.
    Good job.
    p.s. I am still going to check out that video.

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  4. yeah now i wont wind up with glitter in funny places when i stay over. lol

  5. It certainly looks impressive! Bit of advice? I have stuff stored in these handy canvas bins which I pull down from the shelves and end up setting on the floor. As the purple/green/black knot on my shin can attest to, even craft bins can be dangerous... ;)


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