Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Movie Post and Friday's Inspiration

I am back from my mom's and it was a great little trip. We hit some garage sales, took the kids to the little water park, ate Chinese with Juju and her love, filling "that boy" up with lots of good stories about Judy Carlene and family addictions - Watching "What's Up Doc" and eating our fried shrimp tails being just a few... It was all those great things about summer that I love- swimming, napping, taking things slow...

Then I came home. And while that was great, it comes with a hefty "To Do" list. I wasn't going to post tonight (remember that hefty To Do List?) but my children are driving me a little batty this evening and I know I needed some fun and pretty things to distract me and I thought you might too...
Because of all the great comments for my Cinematic Inspiration post, I decided I would list my Top 10 Movie Sets of All Time (for me personally, not technically or critically or anything....) These are all movies I love and adore by the way. I don't know if I could list a movie that had a great set but that I hated. I guess I just can't be that impartial... Also there are lots of movies that didn't make the list but came very close and several that I am sure I will remember about the time my head hits the pillow tonight...

If you decide to post a similar list leave a comment and let me know. I must warn you though that there are very few good photo's available on this internet of ours, of movie sets. In fact I was shocked and amazed at the lack of "stills" and production photo's out there for each movie. I really thought there would be a site by now dedicated to just this sort of thing; Lots of hi-res photo's without the actors in the way... I did the best I could considering what I had to work with. For true visual inspiration you will have to rent or dust off the following films:

10. Down With Love - I just love that stylized look, so fresh, so fun, so pink! For some reason I love to watch it while I clean house...
9. Under the Tuscan Sun - I love watching her battle and restore the house as she battles and restores her heart. This movie came out right after we bought our house and I totally could relate to her process. Also who doesn't love creepy Italian tree's that just know?

8. The Family Stone- It is all the good things about an old family home - warm, slightly dated here and there, full of photo's and well worn corners, and childhood things. I also really love the use of wallpaper in this film. Especially in the kitchen - I just covet that wallpaper.

7. The Holiday - Which house do you love more? Can you even choose? I love them all! Including sweet Arthur's...
6. Out of Africa - This is the first movie I ever "designed" a room around. I hung old lace table runners in my windows and had everything in sepia tones along with some pale pink striped wallpaper... It was divine and I have been finding inspiration in it again all over...

5. Spanglish- Hmmm... What do I love about this movie? Well so much really. First I love how there are soooo many pillows everywhere - which is just like my house... I love the huge stripes in the kitchen and hallway. I love the messiness- but-not-dirtyness of the house and furnishings and everyone's hair. Every chair looks like a good place to land. Whether at the main house, the beach house or the restaurant. Each home has a good mix of light and warmth and that lived-in quality.
4. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood - The lake cabin, The big house, The big Cajun party... All of it perfectly southern and perfectly inspiring...

3. Somethings Gotta Give - Perhaps the most copied set of all time. The perfect calm, serene house and it brought back the look of subway tile - for that we should all be grateful!
2. Sense and Sensibility - The way the little cottage becomes a home over the course of the movie, warming up as they live in it. How it goes from being grey in tone to being pink in tone. And I love the gardens and all the picnic's. It's all just so yummy.

1. Most Nora Ephron Movies: Starting with You've Got Mail - The brownstone, the bookstore, the apartment with the books, the market, the kids fair. The whole movie is eye candy to me...

Bewitched - Her house - the kitchen, the living room, her bedroom... , the on-set house complete with the striped (again) wallpaper in the honeymoon scene...
Mixed Nuts - The couch, the old building, the Chinese food...;
Sleepless in Seattle - Striped wallpaper in her kitchen, the circus poster, the plates around the chair rail in the dining room... The pull down map in his dining room....
When I was making this list I went and checked all of the movies to see if any of my favorite sets shared Art Directors or Set Decorators. Surprisingly they did not. Not even on all of Nora's films. This surprised me the most about her because there always seems to be a similar look in all her heroine's homes. I guess she is the common link between the looks. Which the begs the question - "What does Nora's home look like?" Oh, to know the answer to that...
So there you have it, my favorite sets for now. I also agree with those out there who love Amelie and Return to Me. Those are on the long list too. As is Shag and all those other movies I can't remember right now. So please jog my memory, make your own list and share!


  1. OMG,
    You named so many of my favorites too. I like the English cottge in the Holiday. The Family Stone house is so great too!
    My very favorite movie You've Got Mail. I love the little store as well as her house. (I've seen that one probaby 50 times)
    The beach house in Spanglish is soo Malibu. We actually hang out there a lot. One of my husbands cities that he covers is Malibu.
    I love all of your picks. You have great taste in movie and movie sets.
    Glad you had a fun little trip. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have seen most of the movies you mentioned and thought the same things about the sets. I loved all the pillows in looks so comfy. I wish there were better pictures out there too. I really want to be able to get a good look at the Friends set...I know it is not a movie, but a set that I have always wanted to see some good photos of.

  3. Oh, you picked some good ones there! some of my faves, the Family Stone had me sobbing!

  4. I totally agree especially on Bewitched, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Family Stone, Something's Gotta Give and You've Got Mail which I just watched again the other day (love that movie). I'm gonna have to watch Divine Secrets again as I can't conjure up the images of the houses in that movie. I also love to watch the Stepford wives and Practical Magic for the houses.

  5. Ooh, totally agree to with so many. I need to add Practical Magic to the list. You've Got Mail is right at the top - it's one of those movies I watch over and over and love looking at her apartment. What a fun post!

  6. I love watching movies at home on my holidays...Sometime I also watching it at big screen with my hubby..


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