Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pink Thursday

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am an unashamed fan of pink. When I was in college pink was not cool at all. Grunge was the thing, and if you were deep and artsy and full of angst, muddy greens and dusty browns with a healthy dose of flannel were the things to wear. But somewhere underneath all the brooding there was a girly girl lurking, just waiting to be released. Well, released she is and here is a very small sampling of all my favorite pink things, ironically mostly mixed with dusty browns and sometimes black...
This is a shot of my dresser. The vintage clutch purse was a Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago, the Chantilly powder, a gift from my Maw this year. I have become addicted to it's fresh & nostalgic scent.. Even Nathan loves it on me. I'm almost out and will have to track down some more very soon...
This is perhaps my favorite lamp and shade in the house. The base I rescued off the side of the road. The shade I thrifted and the flower is off a hat Jeanetta made in college that I love but never wear. I think it is the perfect accent to this little shade.
These are my favorite non-flip-flop shoes. They are my flowerdy cord boots and I love them. Everyone loves them. They look great with skirts or jeans, and take any outfit from "plain jane mommy" to "gal with groove!"
Don't forget to check out the colors of Jeanetta, Diane, Tracy and now Nancy too!


  1. which hat was that? i am having another brain cell failure moment

  2. cute stuff; love the dresser shot ~ I'm going to have to struggle to find some pink in my house!

  3. O' my goodness, Chantilly! I've checked here a few times, today, to see what you would post!

    This has been fun!

    Back Porch Musings

  4. I am a lover of pink too and I'm lucky enough to have 2 girls so I get plenty of it. Love your boots!


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