Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm it

I have been tagged by Toni over at Rabbit Hill Creations to list 7 Weird Things About Me. Well, I am sure there are way more than 7 but I will give it a go...

7. I love to take pictures of feet - naked or with shoes. It doesn't matter, I am just always snapping shots of feet.
6. I have to check my email and drink my coffee before I do anything else. I actually stumble bleary eyed to the computer first thing in the morning, pushing my sweet children and husband aside as if they were simply part of the obstacle course I Must Fish Or I Will Die....As if I will have received a life changing email between the hours of 11PM and 7AM. It could happen, you never know... Also I leave half-full cups of coffee all over the house when I have finally had my fix.
5. I have always wanted to go to Iowa. My mom finds this particularly funny, but see, I don't really feel that I am beach girl - though I do love to visit, and I am not a mountain girl, or a dessert girl, or a big city girl. No what I like is the prairie. Fields of grain and all that. I want a big farm house in the middle of a field, with and old pick-up truck and overalls and aprons. I am sure you fellow prairie people out there get this don't you?

4. I do not really like the color purple. There I said it.

3. My current gift wish list is full of things that are used or old. For instance I want a plain old wood dollhouse, my old vintage bicycle repaired (complete with basket,) a set of the 1970's Fashion Plates, and any old linens with random monograms on them.

2. I like to straighten but I don't like to deep clean. And I really don't understand people who do. I try, I don't judge, but I really don't get it...

1. I always take the scenic route when I drive, if possible. I avoid risky left turns and construction at all cost. I would rather add an extra 5 minto my trip and not feel stressed, than try to fight crazy people and feel all harried.

So there ya have it, all sorts of odd things about me... Now I am tagging Jeanetta, Alison, Jemimah, Kim, Sarabeth, Whitney and Rosemary!


  1. Is it weird that your weirdness isn't weird to me?

    My computer sleeps in the bed with me, so first thing in the morning I roll over and turn it on. And I have a similar obsession with Ohio. I obviously like pictures of feet. And last but not least, I think the best way to get from my house in Hillcrest to my friends house in Parkhill is up Kavanaugh, down Cantrell Hill, across the Broadway Bridge, and through Argenta. What freeway?

    But I promise to come up with 7 originally weird things about myself. Yeah! A Wednesday evening project!

  2. get out of my head! I was just thinking about those fashion plates the other day & about how much fun I had with them!

    I constantly straighten because I live with a tornado named Adam, and I deep clean when I'm really mad. Great for the agression.

    I don't like my feet, so I'm not inclined to take photos of them, but I do see lots of pics of feet on blogs so you must not be alone!

    And I will avoid making a left hand turn at all costs, even if I have to take the long way home.

  3. Your list rocks!! of toes are too

  4. I enjoyed checking out your blog, I think your house is adorable and I would be pleased to look at it from mine, I just got new neighbors and right now I am looking at a lot of junk, the life's a beach post has the most beautiful photos I have an upper porch , I can only wish to make it look all white and dreamy like that ,ooh love that look.
    Cheers, Chris
    Oshawa Ont Canada

  5. Hey,

    Iowa is crazy. How could I raise four children and one child thinks she is western, one thinks she is midwestern, one thinks she is foreign, and the only son wants to catch a train. Not a southerner among them. What would their grandmothers say? Oi' Vey!

  6. Love your site. It is very inspiring. I love your Etsy shop also. Jamie

  7. I'm with you on the issues of purple and Iowa isn't bad but the feet thing is really quirky. But in a cute way :)

  8. Hello Jerusalem! Loved your list. I avoid those left hand turns, construction, etc., too. Always try to take the scenic route. We miss so much on the big highways!

    I spotted an old bicycle in a shop window the other day. Shop isn't open yet. I will be sitting on their doorstep the day of opening, just in case the bike isn't a prop!

    Have a great holiday weekend!
    Back Porch Musings

  9. I totally get the driving thing.
    I will try to do a list for you today.

  10. you forgot about your former obsession with red plaid and hiking boots


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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