Monday, May 21, 2007


I think my head is going to explode. I have so much in there, whirling& swirling around... Ideas for Storia HOME, for the blog, ideas for clients, ideas for a great 4th of July party.... And I am just so happy to have ideas again!
Before we left for our trip I was sick and tired and beyond stressed out, having had the craziest week yet during a big install. I was convinced that I would never be truly inspired or motivated again, but luckily vacation was really good for me, mostly I think because we did so much nothingness... So much just sitting on the beach or in the pool, just staring at my toes....
I didn't take my laptop, and even though my sister-in-law had hers there, the wireless connection wasn't great, and when it was working there was a line formed out her bedroom door to use it, so no serious bloggin or browsin or shoppin for me on there. Which was good. I needed to "unplug" for sure.
Also, we didn't "go" a whole lot. Our days mostly consisted of walking out the front door to the pool or to the beach, drinking a lot of water or tasty beverages and eating Nathan's yummy cookin. I did make one brief, yet successful trip to Ross to by some new clothes, and one trip to Walmart for groceries and a cover-up, but that was it. No marathon shopping. No antiquing. No eating out every night. Also, here is the really great part: 10 hrs of uninterrupted sleep a night. Apparently little boys who swim every day sleep really, really well at night... That was a great surprise that I think helped me relax and restore as much as anything.
Last night was our last official night of vaca even though we were home. We went downtown to the Amphitheatre to see a short film that Wylie, Jemimah and I were extras in last spring (my uncle Tim was the director, and Wylie was more than happy to help....)
The weather was great, we sat on a blanket and enjoyed just being together, horsing around, waiting for the show to start. This was the first time we were able to see the film and for about 8 seconds you could see all of us singing in the church scene. It was a great way to ease back into our daily life, back to work and school and housekeeping. Back to doing the things we love, and being with the people we missed, and starting fresh & ready to go again.
PS- Can you believe the freckles? They are my favorite vacation souvenir.


  1. Sounds like you have some good plans in place.
    Glad you had some relaxing time.
    That is so cool about being in the short film.
    Love the freckles.

  2. Hi Jerusalem, glad to hear you had a relaxing vacation. Love the the way, your it!..I've just tagged you to list seven things about yourself to share, then choose seven other people to do the same. Come see my blog. Have fun! Toni

  3. love those freckles. makes me want to go on vacation. sigh

  4. sarabethjones9:03 AM

    ok, jerusalem, glad you had a great vacation and all, but...

    i am FREAKING OUT that Tim Jackson is your uncle! I've been wanting to see that movie since i heard about it and ohmygosh, i could be a complete nerd here about it all...

    but i won't, since hopefully i'll see you this afternoon? i'll be all nerdy then.

  5. Oh, I'm in love with the freckles. We are such a family of freckle lovers and thank God because we all have more than our fair share!


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