Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can it be true?

Look who is making a comeback! Find out all about it here and here...
This past Christmas I gave everyone magazine subscriptions along with some other goodies. My mom just wanted back issues of Victoria. I think she felt about them the way I feel about MEHC. Anyway, I found a ton on ebay and she found even more at a garage sale. Now that her collection is almost complete I will have to start working on mine... Next year I just give her an actual subscription for the new ones! What fun!

Speaking of fun - Martha now has a line of fun crafty stuff at Micheal's including fun download's! Today I went and checked it all out and saw these beauties in a kit for sale...Now I just need a reason to have a party... anyone want to get married in my back yard?


  1. yeah victoria!!! i recieved that subscription for years. it hink iwas 13 or so when i started getting it and well into my 20's when it stopped.
    and the paper flowers.... i am thinking phoebe's tea party bday.

  2. I can't wait to see the first issue of the "new" Victoria.

    I was in Michaels last weekend and saw the Martha line. Bought a couple things. Very nice line!

    I enjoyed your Green Wednesday post, too!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. I know - isn't it exciting?! Looove Victoria mag. Now I gotta go check out the free downloads. How cool and thanks for sharing!

  4. i want to get married in your backyard.

    can you provide the man, too?


    casey brown

  5. Thanks for all the goodies...what a treat! I remember pouring over my Mom's issues of Victoria when I was in high school. And I l-o-v-e- anything Martha, and am going to have squeeze in a trip to Michaels asap.

  6. hooray for victoria! i'm not sure how many years of subscriptions i have, but it's one magazine i've kept all my copies of. that & country living, and now that my mom got me mehc, i'll probably start keeping those, too. oh, my ~ where to store them all?

  7. Victoria's yea! finally the inernet and lovely living has caught up to each other. Can't wait, I'm excited! Shall I look for it on the newsstand like I go for coffee even though I can make a great cup of coffee here, or shall I subscribe and toss it on my dresser with all the other mail and not miss a copy? What a choice.


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