Friday, May 04, 2007

Brown Thursday

The days are still overcast and threatening rain here, and there is no good light for picture taking. So I only have one picture from my own house's archives, the rest are borrowed from favorite places, like this picture of brown ribbon from Deb's shop. I adore brown ribbon, it is my absolute favorite and if I ever have a brick-and-mortar shop it will adorn all my packages!

To me, brown is a great accent. Something to ground all my pinks and blues and greens, and keep things timeless. I love old browns the best. My mantle currently houses several of my favorite browns. Rusty iron browns like this hand, old faded books, and the tea stained patina of old maps.

The same things are in this room; Old rusty bed, yellowed & faded art on the walls, a hint of brown in the linens...All the hints of brown balancing the cool blue walls and pink bedspreads.

This party scene is from Martha. It's a child's "pixie party" and I love the mix of natural with fancy. I would love to host a party under a sheer gauzy tent and perch on a log stools, while eating off fine china. How lovely and magical!
As much as I love to slather white paint on everything, I think a little dark wood thrown in here and there just adds that extra bit of interest and keeps everything from looking too "on purpose." I like for things to looked aged, and organic. As if they happened over time, with each piece telling it's own story, lending itself to the history of the house and the homeowner.


  1. I just want you to know that I agree wholeheartedly with you on these scrumptious brown-thoughts...
    And I dearly love each and every one of those pictures.

  2. Wonderful post and photos. I love brown, too!

    I've really enjoyed these colorful posts, Jerusalem!

    Have a great weekend!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. Well, Miss Jerusalem I just adore these pictures but especially that bedroom photo. Is that your house? It's yummy. I love all things brown too.

  4. I never realized that brown ribbon was so beautiful....

  5. that's funny because I already had the bedroom pic and the pixie party both from your Brown Friday in with my favorite's file...I think we like the same sort of things...but that last pic in my Inspiration Friday came from a Country Living I think, either that or Cottage Living. :)

  6. Hi Jerusalem, just cruising through blogland and stumbled onto your post. Loving your browns and the rest of your blog!

  7. Jen- I wish that was my room! I love it mucho. Kinda the look I am working towards...

  8. I think the last photo is my favorite ~ so dreamy! It's the perfect mix of the outdoors I love so much & the lovely & dainty, which is the other side of my personality. The shade of blue in the tablecloth ~ my new favorite color ~ is the perfect touch.


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