Saturday, May 05, 2007

Black Saturday

So today is Saturday. Black Saturday. Does that sound weird or ominous? Saturday is a hard day for me. One of those days that sometimes seems like it should be more fun than it is... When you work from home, when you have small children, when you live in a 67 year old fixer upper, and have a tight budget, often Saturdays are full of all the other things that need to get done... And sometimes all those other things just don't get done and that can be just as frustrating as spending a Saturday doing them. I guess for me, Saturdays are often somewhere between a rock and a hard place. But as with most things, that is just one side of the story. Plenty of my Saturdays are filled with fun things and guiltless relaxation. I know they exist because I have the pictures to prove it, I guess it's just been a while since I had one...but don't cry for me, I am going on vacation very, very soon!

Speaking of vacation, this is a picture from a lakeside vacation home I designed last year. I would love to design more vacation homes, because even the job feels like a of vacation because you center everything around comfort and ease, and you have to spend time there yourself, installing everything.

This is our armoire in the living room along with a basket ottoman that I painted and covered. The armoire came from the Amy's in their last move and it was a cherry color but I quickly reformed it. I really love black painted furniture, almost as much as white painted furniture... I picked the living room for the black because it is the more "serious" of the rooms in the house.

I have a globe collection. I collected for several years, first just grabbing whatever vintage globe I could find, and then a little more intentionally. I almost have every style I set out for, and this black globe that my mom found for me is perhaps my favorite. I love the way all the colors pop off the black calls to me to travel around the world Jackie Bouvier style...

Here is hoping your Saturday was filled with lots of relaxation and something fun!


  1. Hi! I found you while I was searching Etsy for Bingo cards! Your store was just my style so I visited your blog and LOVE it! Gorgeous stuff.

    Hope you had a great Saturday. I spent it cleaning house and sorting through more craft stuff I need to list on Etsy.

    Nice meeting you! Ann

  2. Love the black armoire and I'd like to see more of that room you designed. Do you have formal design training? I've thought about painting my bed black. Or white.

    I also love the One Special Summer book. I checked it out from the library awhile back and it was very enjoyable.

  3. I LOVE this black globe, I've never seen one before. Now, I'm on the hunt!


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