Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Assortment For All Queen Momma's

The blue hydrangeas are from a bush Nathan planted in the back yard a few years ago for Mother's Day. My favorite flower that always blooms just in time to remind me that I am loved.

The coffee cup is from my mother. She bought me a complete 6 piece place setting of this pattern when I was a baby, and packed it away until I had a home of my own. What wonderful imagination she has to think to do something like that! (Also, out of all the "blue dishes" I picked the coffee cup, because I need A LOT OF COFFEE to keep all the balls in the air.)

The nest is what best represents motherhood for me... All the building and fluffing and using what we have to make what we can, adjusting as needed.

The books are 2 that have encouraged me along the way, by women who were/are mothers, wives, writers, friends, who often took the long way around, finding their own path through life ... ( they are The Shaping of a Life and Gift from the Sea)

The Mother Mary candles and figure are part of my growing collection of iconic Mary items. I didn't grow up in a liturgical tradition so they do not hold a particulary religious meaning for me, but instead I love their rich colors, and the feeling of history they carry; how she remains a contast figure passed down from generation to generation, culture to culture.

So to all the gals out there fluffing your nest, figuring out your own path, creating your history and traditions and drinking all that coffee to just stay going, I wish you a happy happy day, and most of all I hope you find yourself "loved upon this earth."



PS-Jemimah pays the perfect tribute to our Queen Momma here and I couldn't have said it better! Happy Momma's Day Mom! I love you!!


  1. That was a really nice post. I love that your mother bought you dishes when you were little, for later in life.
    That is great!

  2. You girls just make me cry so much it is hard to type. When you are a mom, you wonder if you are doing it right. But, you just keep going doing what you know is right and later when you need it, your daughters blog like this and you finally get your answer. So don't give up doing the right things. You couldn't buy me a present as great as your blogs. I love you.

  3. happy mother's day. ooh what a lovely blog and etsy shop. i've enjoyed perusing. am happy to find you!


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