Friday, April 13, 2007

WIP Friday

Today it is cold,windy and overcast. There is faint thunder in the distance but it hasn't shed a tear over here. Yet. Probably will bust open as soon as school lets out. Well, just as I typed that a shower of hail fell. We shall see where this all goes... What an April this is turning out to be.

Fridays are my official "nesting day" and I try to guard them from appointments and work as much as possible. This is the day I stay home and clean house, putter around and cuddle with Miles. I also try and catch up on all the TV I have missed during the week. Shows I have taped that I haven't been able to watch yet, like Friday Night Lights. (That show makes me cry at least every other week. I love it. This week was the season finale. What I am going to do till the fall???? )
This Friday besides the usual kitchen floor moping and clutter clearing, I worked on our Master Bedroom a bit. There are curtains coming soon (I designed, Mom is sewing. Aren't I a lucky girl??) and I am keeping my eye out for the perfect armoire to appear on the side of the road, and perhaps I'll attempt a paint job? I dunno, but despite my list of "to do's" we are still making good progress.

Last week we got the bed put up and this week I have managed to get the new side tables moved in, and the love seat moved out. Right now we still have 1 too many chest in the rooms, but when and if I ever find that perfect armoire I plan to consolidate 2 of the chest into the armoire along with the TV. Then add a chair and a rug on my side...

So for now I guess this is an official WIP room. But it is cozy, and the bed is wonderful. We feel like are in a hotel every night. I pretty much just want to live in it...


  1. do you ever feel as if a room is "done"? not me. I'm always looking around to see what can be rearranged, recovered, repainted or changed altogether. Honey really wishes I would finish projects before starting on another...

    by the way, love your pillows ~ very cottagy!

  2. oh my goodness we have almost exactly the same bed! same color, same shape. same very inviting feel! no cute pillows though, alas. and mine is only a queen. i'm thinking of getting back into mine very soon on this rainy day...

  3. Your room looks wonderful and how lucky are you to have a mom to sew for you? I absolutely love the idea of carving out Friday as your nesting day. I may have to do that myself.

    By the way, I love Friday Night Lights too and I just hope they bring it back for another season!

  4. i'd want to live in that too!
    looks so cute and comfortable!
    where did you get that adorable good night pillow might i ask?
    love it!


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