Friday, April 27, 2007

Keeping up Appearances

This is the house directly across the street from us. They are always improving something...
They are nice neighbors, always waving hello when we are outside. Their kids are grown and they have golden retrievers. We can tell what they are remodeling by what comes out - sinks, counter tops etc. I would love to get a full tour of the inside...

This is the brown house. It is to the left of the other house. We don't know much about the man who owns it except that he is a professor out of town. He comes on weekends and in the summer. We all keep an eye on the house and they have a great alarm system, so intruders beware! We think this is the home the owner grew up in. The brown house sits on a bit of a drop-off and we can see an addition that goes a long way back. I have dreams of buying this mystery house with it's addition and circle drive, hidden by bushes... It seems as if it is never hot in that house it is so completely shaded by old trees.
This is our house. This is it's best angle by far. You can't see the broken shutters on the end and the gross lack of shrubbery isn't too obvious. Except that I just pointed it out. We often joke that our neighbors must be so put-out with us for not giving them something prettier to look at. And I can only agree. In the few short years that we have been here we have had Miles, started a small business, & and continuously worked on the inside of the house, which while not in horrible condition had been neglected for some years. Oh, yeah, and kept up our fairly busy life.... Things like dishwashers and roof repair seem to eat away at any monies that could be used for fun things like landscaping and new shutters. But someday.... We have grand plans for our little home's exterior that include front and back porches, new paint colors and lots of pretty foliage and a white picket fence. So stay tuned, maybe one day we'll be able to keep up with the neighbors...


  1. Your house has great bones! I'm sure it will be even prettier than the others when you are done with it. Those of us on a budget have to do things a bit at a time. It can be frustrating but at least we really appreciate something when we finally get it.

    Now, do you think if we all signed a petition, the people in the first house would let you in with your camera?

  2. oh my girl from the pics and the tales you have told me the inside WAS in horrible condition!!! you guys have made vast inprovements. what was that old saying you were telling me once that decorators and designers houses are never done cause they are too busy doing other people's. lol.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. We were blessed to buy our first house in September and have been updating the inside. It looks a lot better, but the outside is suffering. Hopefully we can get to that next spring.

    I love the pics of your neighborhood, very charming and lots of beautiful trees. You have a great house. I think it would be beautiful with a front porch, like you said.

  4. i always smile when i drive by your house because i know how lovely it is on the inside.

  5. I love the exterior of your home. It does indeed, have great bones!

    Your neighborhood looks like a wonderful place to live!

    Back Porch Musings

  6. Ok,
    as the grandmother I am always impressed by how well your house stands up to two little boys and all that traffic. You keep up the good work.

  7. Hey as long as your grass is cut, you're fine! :) It's cute home. Is it a stucco type? I always think mediteriannian (sp)colors!

  8. Carrie12:40 PM

    I'm so jealous! I live in a cookie cutter neighborhood. Your 'hood is so lovely.

  9. I truly love older homes. They have so much charm and your house was the perfect purchase. When you are finished it will have character that new houses can only dream of having. It has a cottage appeal.


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