Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Inspiration Wednesday

Because Wednesday is the middle of the week, and we all need a pick-me up about this time, I am going to dedicate today, and all future Wednesdays to Inspiration at Large, posting things that I find inspiring and that you might too. I found this beautiful and inspiring idea by of Miss Rosey Posie herself. She in turn found her inspiration over here a the PurlBee. I think this is just what I may do over my new bed...
This bed sort of came to us the way a lot of things do, sheer luck. It is a king size bed, which I swore I would never have. BUT when you have 2 kids that really like to snuggle, and 1 in particular that likes to climb in bed with you every morning around 4AM what is a girl going to do to get her beauty rest? So a king size bed it will be. We have had the frame for about a month. Today we get the mattresses.... I will show pictures as it all comes together...

As for Easter inspiration it is mostly all about the food these days. As previously mentioned, my Sweetie, Nathan is doing all the cooking for my families Easter Hoopla. We have had a blast making the menu this year, laying out both his Julia Child and my Martha Stewart books and making a combined menu that includes a Goose and 3 courses. I love that he loves to entertain as much as I do. And I love that I don't have to worry about wowing people with the cooking end of things. It's a good system we've got.

But if you are still looking for some great last minute Easter crafts check the following sites for great fuzzy and colorful inspiration:

Wee Wonderful

House Wren Studio


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