Saturday, April 14, 2007

I should be cleaning but...

I am posting instead. I will clean in a minute. My in-laws are coming over for dinner and I need to clean off the table, and wash down the bathroom sink, but first I had to link to some fun sites that I think you might like too...It's been a really long time since I did a "Site of the Week" post, so I am going to catch up a bit and list several:
C.S. Post & Co.
I love the colors, I love the layout, I love the stuff. A great site for online window shopping on a rainy day.

The Curiosity Shoppe

Always fun and curious. Just love it.

I just found this little gem last night. So cute and lovely. I wish I could go on a "shoppe tour" across the country and see all my online fav's in person. This one is going on the list for sure.

And last but not least check out Ms. Nancy's new blog. She is the mother of my best childhood friend Tracy, and it is so good to have her company in Blogland!

OK, no more excuses...I guess I will get back to my cleaning now...


  1. Hi! Thanks for the nice link to my new blog! It's becoming addicting quite rapidly. :) Good thing I'm retired! Nancy

  2. where do you find these amazing shops??

  3. Oh thanks, I'm always looking for fun sites to highlight and check out.


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