Tuesday, April 24, 2007

His Truth is Marching On

Yesterday Wylie watched the much anticipated Sherman's March. Today he and Miles recreated it in the back yard. All the while singing "Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory hallelujah..." at the top if their lungs...They have even filled the part of our yard affectionately termed "the Jungle" with all their toys and rocking horses. Turning it into some sort of encampment or hideout.
Sunday while working on the yard Nathan asked if he could please cut the jungle down. My response? "You can't cut it down, Wylie loves it. The kid doesn't have a playhouse, at least he can have a jungle!" So the jungle stays for now. And Sherman continues his march.
I am so curious to see where all this History will take us as the boys get older. For now Miles follows Wylie in his play but I wonder when and if that will change. When it comes to their interest we just try to follow their lead. I wonder about my boys and their love of make-believe, their love of Pirates and Cowboys and Soldiers. All things that involve guns and swords and death. I wonder if they will grow up and want to become real soldiers. Or if they will simply make movies or write books about it. Being a mother I of course prefer the latter option. But being a mother I also know that then, as now, I will have to let them follow their own God-given imaginations and interest, sharing my thoughts and feelings, but ultimately releasing them into their own lives. I can not hold onto their minds anymore than I can hold onto their bodies. They will grow, and they will do. And I will continue to pray.

*NOTE: As soon as I posted this Wylie called me outside to watch his "Civil War Re-enactment Play." After I took my seat he handed me a fly-swatter to be my "fan," so I could be a proper Southern Lady, I can only assume. Then he instructed us the audience (my mom and I) to "turn off our cell phones and wait until the end to clap. And talk softly." Which we did.


  1. our kids so need each other.
    after a couple of nights watching the 2nd pirates movie luke is running around saying "squawwwk!!! dont eat me! squawwwk!!! dont ea me!"

  2. I love it I love it I love it! Every bit of it! Takes me back to my kiddos childhood and their "house" under the willow tree! Does my heart good, to see children use their imagination! And enjoy life! Beautiful post!

    Your new curtains are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. oh how i miss the south!

  4. such cute pictures...i love how boys play!


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