Monday, April 02, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham, The Ghost of Easter Past

This is my version of Green Eggs and Ham circa Easter 2004. It was a great year for egg dying.
Easter weekend is one of my favorite weekends. We go to my grandmothers house where the women rule the roost. It starts on Saturday, as we all slowly drag into tow, my family, my aunts family, my siblings... Then we go to WalMart or Alco to buy last minute Easter basket goodies. We dye eggs. When we dye eggs we try and get the guys involved. Sometimes they play along, sometimes they roll their eyes. Until Adam married Jemimah he had never dyed a single egg. Can you imagine??? He would never tell you himself, but I think he actually kind of liked it. I mean, who doesn't like to dye eggs? Really.

After all that we stay up late, do hair, read fashion mags, drink a million diet cokes, and get very goofy. You would think we were drinking something stronger than diet cokes, but we're not. We're just that kooky (see Green Eggs and Ham example above.) Also, I love to keep my Maw up late. She gets the giggles. Isn't she cute?

On Sunday we all get up and get showered and dressed and head to church. There is always much discussion of how many cars we will take and who will ride with whom. There are 14 of us total, and several are very, very tall. My Paw likes to have us all sit on the second row, up front, on the right. My Maw always wears a hat. And sometimes gloves. Usually my brother Josh shows up after about the second song. Him and his pony tail and latest arrangement of facial hair joins us on the second row. My kids are always very glad to see him. As am I.

Then we come home and eat a feast. But first we have to make a cheese and cracker platter for my Paw so he won't get cranky from the "grungries." Also, we try to send him to the store for at least one item so that he will feel useful and stay out of our hair. Nathan is in charge of food these days and I am in charge of the table. Mom and Auntie Tei clean up afterward. Like in their childhood days.

My Maw has great old china and lovely things so it is always fun to set her table. In fact she is my inspiration in many ways. I come by my design mind genetically. Jemimah usually helps with the table and Judea accompanies with a tune. With Jemimah celebrating German style this year, JuJu and I will have to go it alone. *Sigh.*

Finally, when we are all worn out from the food and the fun and the overload of family, we nap. We are a family of nappers, I must confess. Then we re-fuel with coffee and Bunny Cake and head home with way too many boiled eggs and chocolate, and a full memory card.


  1. Jerusalem, your Easter traditions sound wonderful, so full of family and fun. I enjoyed the pictures of your family, and your "green eggs and ham". Very cute.

    allie from minneapolis

  2. Hello Jerusalem...Your Easter celebration sounds wonderful!

    I'm the G'ma in our family and the kiddos gather here. Sunday afternoon, we'll have an egg hunt and big ol' Easter dinner, with ham and all the trimmings!

    Happy Easter!
    Back Porch Musings

  3. has your life always been so "martha-esque". lol
    i would love to do all those cutesy things. but then i would be the only one doing them and they would get tossed aside with the exclamations of "whats this for!?" and the mother in law glare of no wonder she never has time to clean she's too busy writing my name on an egg. lol.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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