Monday, April 30, 2007

Color of the Day

The next 2 weeks are going to be a marathon. Both for me and for Nathan. He has more gigs and rehearsals than I can remember in a long time - something almost every night. I have a huge install coming up in a week, plus 4 other projects, (2 new, 2 ongoing) and both shoppes to update. The fun news is that when it is all over we are going on vacation to Destin for a week! If you know of any good flea markets/antique shops around there let me know. Otherwise I am sure it will be all about outlet shopping and beach combing.

So to simplify things I thought I would do a "color of the day" post each day this week. Want to play along? Comment and let me know if you want to do it too and I will list everyone who is participating. Here are the colors and their assigned days:

Monday: Blue
Tuesday: Red
Friday: Brown
Saturday: Black
Sunday: White

These are all colors I use and love the most, my pallet if you will... should be fun to see what inspires each day!

*new Mother's Day banners will be at Storia Home by 5PM central time, 4/30


  1. oooh, I want to play!

  2. hmmmmm ok me too. can i just start with tuesday since you took my blue and its kind of late today. :) pleeeeease


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