Friday, March 02, 2007


On the first Thursday of each month a neighborhood called Hillcrest host what is called "Shop-n-Sip." Shops stay open late, many have small bands play out front and small glasses of wine and beer can be found complimentary in each store, allowing for lots of shopping Under the Influence. Hillcrest is a good walking-around neighborhood full of old homes and historic charm and small independent shops and restaurants. All of this is greatly reflected in the house prices and most of us just drive around the neighborhood drooling. Our house is in a equally old and charming but-not-as-cool neighborhood across the river in Dog Town ( aka North Little Rock. ) Rumor has it that NLR was called Dog Town during my grandmother's era because there were no leash laws and people would drive stray dogs across the bridge and just dump them. Lovely thought huh? Also NLR had the Railroad Co. and that is apparently not as prestigious as say, The Capital. Whatever.

Anyway, even though I live in NLR, my little shoppe space that I rent is in Hillcrest at The Shoppes on Woodlawn. The first time I ever went in this old house-turned-shoppe I knew it was the place for me and my stuff. Of course being in Hillcrest the rent is high -even for my little closet space - but so far it has been worth it, and has stretched me creatively and helped me break in to another market. I hope someday to graduate into a bigger room, but that is on the The Wait and See list for now. Jeanetta shares this little corner cubby with me, and I think we have struck a great mix of vintage and handmade items. Eventually I would like to venture to Market and buy some new things as well, but right now I think "where would I put it anyway?"

Last night was Shop-n-Sip and I managed to get all our Spring and Easter stuff up just in time. I must say I think it looked lovely and I felt very blessed to be in such a charming space that was brimming with happy shoppers.
ps - Easter & Spring Banners are up at StoriaHome

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  1. o my. we blogged about the samething on the same day. lol. of course mine was just pictures i got from you and not as discriptive since i wasnt actually there.
    hope you had a lot of fun.


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