Monday, March 05, 2007

On the front porch

This evening Miles wanted to go out to play in the backyard. Nathan was grilling and I didn't want to try and keep Miles away from the hot grill, since he is currently obsessed with being his Dadoes big helper. For some reason I thought keeping him out of the street in the front yard would be easier. I was mostly right.

Most afternoons around 4 O'clock you find me in one of my only acts of true domesticity. Cleaning the kitchen. For some reason I have developed this love of cleaning the kitchen every afternoon. I turn on Gilmore Girls or Oprah, tie on an apron and go to town. It seems to be what centers me and separates evening from day; work from home. I don't like to do it any other time. In fact I flee from it, but something about that bewitching hour of 4PM gets me every time.
So tonight, after the cleaning was done, Miles, Mom and I retired to the front stoop to visit and play and smell the good cookin' coming from the direction of the backyard. Also, I drank my yummy Cosmo that Sweetie made me upon request.
As I sat outside and viewed our pathetic patchy grass, and the barren tree's I realized, that craft as I might, Spring is not quite here. This made me feel better, because I wasn't completely feeling the spring thing yet and I was feeling guilty about it. I love spring, I love when it really and truly comes, but I mostly love that it always rolls around Just In Time and I can tell from my perch on the porch that Winter isn't quite done doing her thing yet and that it is best not to rush her. Everything will be as it should, all in good time.
So for now I will keep fluffing the nest (and adoring all white slip covered dining chairs!) and dream of spring in all it's glory, patiently awaiting it's gifts of renewal and hope.


  1. mmmmmm.... i want a cosmo
    and ?white slip covers?
    with kids!!!
    you are one brave woman

  2. I remembered my login! I can post again! I feel free! (now... cosmos on the front porch sound divine!)

  3. Love those slipcovers too. My dining room table is the one my parents had when I was growing up. It's a great table but desperately in need of a refinishing.


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