Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Empty Nest

So this is big news. Are you ready for it? My kids are on Spring Break. At my parents. Without me. This is truly a dream come true.

Back before Wylie was in school, and before my mom came to see us once a week, this would happen a lot more often. Weekend, or mid-week trips to Meme and Obi's house were fairly common. In fact I was spoiled rotten. Then I had Miles and then I went to work, and then Wylie went to school, and my mom starting coming up one day week to help out, and the overnight thing kinda fell to the wayside. Which was fine, and really no huge deal, because I was happy to all be together on the weekends, after such busy weeks. But every now and then, Nathan and I do look at each other and say "Remember when we actually spent evenings, nights, days even, alone in our own house? With no one to wake us up? No one who needs a constant supply of juice? No one yelling and running at warp speed all through the house? Remember those days?" and the answer was always "Yeah, barely. Hmm."

But now, those days are back, at least until Saturday. Which is so great because I have so much prep work to get done so I can actually start work on a bunch of new jobs, and because there are things that I would love to get done, that don't seem to happen with very helpful, almost 3year old, around all day.

And, it looks like we will get to go out on a date, a real date , on Friday night. And not have to rush home. And not have to pay a babysitter, and therefor scrimp on dinner. We are going to put on lovely clothes, eat delicious food, attend a fun social event with other grown-ups, and I may even wear a shoe that has a (hold your breathe!) high-ish heel. Can you imagine? Me either!

Thank you spring break!!!


  1. Yeah right. Now who has to get up in the middle of the night? Actually we love having the boys and I was thinking just like you. We seldom do this anymore and I miss it.

    have a fun time

  2. I've just discovered your wonderful blog.

    I believe I will be here for awhile this morning and return often!

    Pat (Back Porch Musings)

  3. you are so spoiled

    -me.... at home.... sick

  4. here's wishing you & Nathan a perfectly lovely evening :) TG

  5. Oh how jealous I am. Instead, Andrew took off on business leaving me with kids and no vacation. Sigh. Gave me a taste of what summer break is going to be.


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