Friday, March 16, 2007


This week has been crazy as expected, but it has been made crazier by this stupid cold I got Tuesday night. YUK.

Anyway, despite being under the weather (due to our wacky weather, I am convinced!) I had to keep the show on the road. Miraculously things have gotten done and stayed on schedule. The one thing that did suffer though, has been the house. It is a mess. Not quite College-Dorm mess (so far there are no bits of uneaten food strewn about, and I can see most of the floor in most of the rooms) but still it is a mess.
And I still haven't found the time or the energy to really decorate my house for Easter the way I want. Just adding bits and pieces as I go along. I bought all the stuff to make a wreath and to do-up the mantle, but as of today it is all in bags, or sitting on my desk. And will stay there till at least Sunday night, which is the first chance I will have to come up for air.

Something that is done is my small collection of egg cups that I love but that I can never quite display right. They are so small that they get lost on the mantle or in the china hutch. The vintage pair I bought when Nathan and I first started dating or had gotten married - I can't remember which,, but I loved that he had a pipe and that she had pearls. So like us then. Especially me. That was during my big Doris Day phase.

Besides never knowing where to put them, I never knew what to put in them as well. Plastic eggs looked silly and didn't fit right. Especially in Doris and David, who always ended up look like the Coneheads.

But this year I put them in the window in the kitchen and thanks to Flea Market Studio I finally knew what would look perfect in them!
Now I am off for the night to a Women's Retreat! Tata till later!

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  1. You have such great Easter decorating ideas here, I love them. I'm bookmarking them right and left.


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