Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bathing Beauty

We only have one bathroom in our 1700 sqf Minimal Traditional Cottage, circa 1940. I don't know why I caved on the 2 bath thing with this house. Maybe it was the pressure of needing a house yesterday, or maybe it was because this house had everything else on my wish list including a fireplace and the original & real wainscoting in the dining room. And it had a dining room, plus an eat-in-kitchen. I would need 2 tables? And lots of chairs? Where do I sign? Who needs 2 bathrooms???
Well, now that everyone -including Miles!!- in my house uses the potty things are getting a little crowded. Yesterday morning there was a line formed outside our existing baths door. When it was my turn I found myself wondering about people who live in homes with multiple baths. If one finds themselves lucky enough to live in a house where each person has their own bathroom is that the only bathroom one uses? Does one pass rooms with bathrooms in them simply to get to their bathroom? Like a hotel? How odd.

But back to the problem at hand: Our need for a another bath. With adding a second bath, comes the obvious money issue, but there is the kitchen issue as well. We have 1940's plumbing which isn't really up to the standards of modern dishwashers and washing machines and toilets. Where we want to put the second bath is in the existing laundry room which is between the master bedroom and the kitchen. We'll have to reorient the laundry portion and do some plumbing work, which means diving into the kitchen plumbing as well, which means we should go ahead and remodel the kitchen, which I have discussed here and here.... which is just not possible right now.
So no new bathroom anytime soon. We will get there eventually, but in the meantime I am gathering ideas and pictures of dream baths. I am noticing that all the ones I pick are blue. Almost the same color as my living room. Odd. I don't know if it is the color I am drawn too or if all the bathroom styles I like just happen to be painted this particular color??? But I do know that I like all the white, and the fresh vintage feel...


  1. Don't worry, I've had the picture of my dream laundry room cut out since high school. Who even has a dream laundry room? Obviously I was the youngest sibling!

  2. i stillhavent fixed the walls in my bathroom since stripping all the wallpaper. i think my bathroomhas been an eyesore for the past 2.5 yrs

  3. adam & I find ourselves lucky enough to finally have 2 bathrooms, for which I am totally grateful. and in answer to your question, adam uses my bathroom if it's in closer proximity than his.

  4. I could not live without my second bathroom. Absolutely could not do it. I'd make someone else do dishes by hand and go for my own personal relaxation station (big tub) instead =)

    Those bath pics are very refreshing. Light, airy, peacefull... Very pretty!

  5. I LOVE your bathroom renovation! We are just starting ours (and our bathroom looks VERY similar to what yours used to)! I actually had already picked our marble hex tile for our floors and subway tile for the walls when I saw this post! We're a teeny bit worried about the shower floor being slippery. What finish did you use (honed or polished)? and is it slippery? Your bathroom gives me hope!!
    bathtub refinishing


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