Monday, February 05, 2007

WIP Monday

Due to Jemimah's departure (she is safe and sound in Germany now) and Jeanetta's lovely- snow filled -busy visit (she is safe and sound in San Antonio now,) there wasn't much work happening on Friday or this weekend. Lots of ideas, but no real works.

So today was the day to start all new things...

First I have started toying with making button rings and pins. Will have to see how this goes. Jeanetta and I did a good amount of thrifting on Saturday and I came home with some beautimous vintage buttons. Some even have little rhinestones in them - I think they will make great rings! Right now I am just in the experimenting phase, so we shall see...
Next up is an idea for Storia di Vita Design called The Style Box.
This is going to be what I give all my clients when I do up a design presentation for them. Each client will get a file box with floor plans, fabric, paint, & flooring samples, along with a board that features pictures of accessories, and a pricing sheet, all tied up with a pretty bow. The fun thing about the Style Box is that it will allow me to provide services to clients who live out of state or who can't afford the full services of an Interior Designer, but who would like some style input and help. They just have to send me a few measurements, pictures and answer a few questions about use and budget and then I can do all the leg work for them. Sometimes all people need is a fresh set of eyes. Hopefully by the end of the week Style Box will be offered on Storia Home and at SDV, but first I need to finish the first one and get the pricing figured out. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. are you saying that i inhibit your productivity!?!?!?!

  2. Congrats on the new site, here's hoping it's wildly successful.


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